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Zeno Clash II

Zeno Clash II Trailer Features Face Punching

Atlus's first person action game, Zeno Clash wasn't a bad game, and if you're a fan of the series then you're probably looking forward to more not bad gameplay in Zeno Clash II.

Atlus is planning to release Zeno Clash II sometime later this year for Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and PC. This first-person brawler returns with a bigger, more open world to explore and new RPG elements and drop-in/drop-out online co-op. Check out the newest trailer.

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  • What the hell!? Oh well, gimme some face-punching! That's all I know 'bout the series so far.

  • This looks terrible lmao
  • Needs more hermaphrodite bird people.

  • that was...interesting

  • First game was pretty underrated, the art direction alone makes it worth checking out.

  • YES!!!!

  • This looks hilariously fun!

  • What a weird looking game... +1 for originality

  • Looks fun. Hopefully they can get a larger team for the next Zeno Clash to improve the smoothness of the game play.

  • honestly looks really good.
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  • Sweet.

  • I thought they were done making ps2 games trololol

  • Looks kinda cool

  • I was sure he was about to tell a joke.

  • What platforms are the first game on?

  • doesn't look amazing but i wanna try it.

  • Been waiting to see more of this game for a long while.

  • The first one was really great. Too short and a little repetitive, but still fantastic. Crazy original setting and really interesting story. Looks like this one improves on it in every way.

  • I really enjoyed the first one when it came out for XBLA. I will be getting this one for sure.

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