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Zombie Outrunning Simulator Z-Run Coming To Vita In May

Z-Run, the zombie-outrunning simulator from developer Beatshapers, is heading to Vita in early May.

The game plays a bit like an endless runner, and does contain an endless survival mode, but the main game involves exploration and leveling up your character through a campaign. The video below showcases the game's tutorial giving a good sense of how it plays, how the stamina system works, and shows off some of the weapons.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • Kinda looks like a PS2 game.

  • Hmm...looks like it could be good. Graphics are definitely rough, though.

  • I can already tell this would annoy the hell out of me. I'll pass.

  • I swear I thought this was a PSP game until I realized it was for the Vita. Questionable. Also did he...did he just lose massive amounts of health from a slow collision with a parked car?! Sprinting, I could understand. But the man was jogging...JOGGING! Eh...well at least the song was kinda catchy. *sigh* I'm gonna go play Rambo.

  • Geez that looks terrible. And I guess "simulator" is being used in an "ironic" sense, kind of like Goat Simulator? There's taking advantage of a cultural phenomenon to push the state of the art, and then there's the weak attempt to make a quick buck.

  • Wow, if I was this devoid of creativity I would have sought more exciting employment in the field of observing rocks and taking notes on their movement.

  • Let this game be new gen only, I want to experience a high quality Doom, and I don't want last gen to hold it back. I'm really excited for this.