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Ys: Memories of Celceta

New Screens And Character Info Released For Ys: Memories Of Celceta

JRPG fans don't have long to wait until the latest chapter of the Ys series arrives on Vita, and XSEED has released some new screenshots and info today for Memories of Celceta. This batch of screens is the first to come from the English version of the game.

The publisher has also released details for several members of the cast. Read below to see XSEED's official descriptions of these main characters:

Adol Christin

The Ys series’ stalwart protagonist, Adol Christin is perhaps the most famous adventurer ever to have lived. Adol is a young man brimming with curiosity who constantly seeks the thrill of discovery and the wonders of new lands. This time around, however, the challenge is quite different – Adol is seeking to solve the mysteries of his own past.


Duren is an information dealer whom Adol encounters at a bar in Casnan. He claims to have met Adol before – though with no memory, Adol remains skeptical. An extremely kind-hearted man (though he'd never admit it), Duren can't bring himself to walk away from someone in need, making him a perfect travel companion.


Karna is a cheerful, honest young girl who lives in the treetop village of Comodo. An extremely skilled huntress, she puts most of the other hunters in the village to shame with her accuracy and cunning talent. Her weapon of choice is the throwing knife, though she has an unfortunate habit of throwing first and asking questions later...


A resident of the village of Selray, and the sole remaining member of the tribe which cares for the sacred beasts known as Spardas. Though young, Ozma acts as the village’s leader and has managed to uphold its peaceful ways for as long as he's been in charge. Reliable, level-headed and dedicated, he is loved and respected by all of the village’s residents. While extremely stubborn and inflexible when it comes to the laws of his tribe, he is also extremely loyal to the people in his charge.


Calilica is an energetic, curious young girl who is mature beyond her years in many regards. She harbors something of a complex about her age and youthful appearance, and is constantly seeking to be recognized as an adult by those around her. She looks up to Leeza as an older sister, and has been with her since they were both children. As such, she will hold back at nothing if she can be of assistance to her.

You can check out the new screens in the gallery below.

  • I've never played anything from the Y's series; it looks like they're a top-down action rpg, like Baldur's or Diablo. Would that be an accurate assessment? If so, this might be up my alley...
  • This game looks incredible. I'm glad they are sticking to Ys 7's three member party system in this reboot.

  • I can't wait for this game to come out. Im grabbing that Limited Edition copy ASAP. Every copy I beat it and it was awesome but I hate that re-make of part 1&2 for the PSP. Horrible.
  • Interesting.  Have never dabbled in this series, but would love to try this out.

  • I've heard about the Ys series for a while now, but never played any of them. I've only heard praise for them though, so now that a game is coming to the Vita I'll definitely be checking it out. I also need to get Chrono Trigger and Cross. I feel bad as not only a RPG fan but a gamer that I haven't gotten around to experiencing these games yet.

  • Ys is an amazing series, and Ys IV is one of its best entries. I hope this remake does it justice, especially after Ys SEVEN was such a huge step down from Oath in Felghana.
  • yep ...still want this

  • Ys is always great. Falcom, I'm glad you're finally stepping up your productions and working on modern hardware. I mean, in addition to the "close in power to a PS3" Vita, they're finally working on PC titles in the West and putting games (like Trails in the Sky) on Steam and whatnot... thanks, no doubt, to XSeed & Marvelous gently pushing them to do so ;)

    But man, you guys... you couldn't put this on PS3 first/at the same time? Wouldn't it be nicer if, y'know, FAR MORE PEOPLE PLAYED IT? :)

    Install base comparison - just to refresh your memories:

    PS3: 80 million worldwide

    PSV: 5.9 million worldwide

    I mean c'mon.

  • Yes: Memories of Celestia was what I saw at first glance.

  • I do have GREAT time with YS Seven on my PSP, so I am eager to play this game.

  • I'm always up for another Ys game.

  • Why is Dan reporting this? Is he being punished?