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Ys: Memories of Celceta

Special Silver Anniversary Edition For Ys: Memories Of Celceta On The Way

Ys: Memories of Celceta, the upcoming Vita exclusive "re-imagining" of Ys IV is getting a special Silver Anniversary Edition with a number of added goodies.

The Silver Anniversary Edition will release alongside the regular 'no extras' edition, but will include a three-disc anthology of the Ys soundtrack, a cloth map, a compass, a journal containing art and game hints, all in a special package. The regular version of the game will be $39.99, while the collector's edition will be $59.99.

As previously mentioned, Memories of Celceta is a built from the ground-up remake of Ys IV. The game will incorporate both the front and back touch surfaces of the Vita to issue commands to partners, and give more control of the battlefield camera.

Ys: Memories of Celceta releases November 5.

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  • This game is a big reason of why I might finally buy a Vita soon. YS Seven is the best game I've played on the PSP.
  • Hell, I don't even have a Vita yet, and I'm considering getting this. Very cool!

  • Never played any of the Ys games but the goodies in the special edition might convince me to give it a shot. As soon as I convince myself to buy a Vita that is.
  • awesome, finally! vita is getting some good games!

  • Someone needs to help me out here. How exactly do you pronounce the title?
  • Awww yeah!

  • I love it how collector or special editions of portable games are the same price as a console game. ^_^
  • I will go to pre-order this tomorrow, even thou i know i will not have the money to buy it at least a month after release :D

  • I...am...so...getting this. I didn't even know about this remake.

  • so, are there any games I need to play before this to get the story or anything?
  • I've only played one Ys game, and that was Ys: The Ark of Napishtim, and I enjoyed it. I'll most likely have to pick this up when I get a Vita.
  • I seen this game on the market and thought about buying the game. Yet really...I am not in the market to waste money on a game I'd hate for my Vita. Is the Ys series any good as they say? I mean I like Falcon as I did end up buying their other PSP title Trails in the Sky and in fact liked it......just need to get around to playing it again...anyhoo. Yeah...is Ys is worth the amount to get it?
  • I  read Celceta as Celestia at first.

  • A map and a compass. That looks like one of the coolest special editions yet.

    Then again, in a former life, I was a map-maker, so I may be partial.
  • I think I'll pick this one up. I've played Y's Origins on Steam and it was a really fun game.

  • this would be sooooo much better with a Ps3 release.

  • People are still not sure if they want a PS Vita, even after the price drop on the system & the memory cards.And then with all of the games such as Soul Sacrafice,Dragon's Crown, DiveKick etc just to name a few the gaming community is so fickle lol
  • Huh,thatl be a reason for vita owners to buy some games,the Ys series is regarded pretty well from what iv heard.

  • November 5 huh! Sigh... just 10 days b4 ps4... ill see what i can do to get it! too many games sony!!!

  • Looks sweet!!!, love my VITA

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