It looks like your Amiibo collection is going to have an adorable (but purely cosmetic) purpose when Yoshi's Woolly World arrives later this year. A new, brief trailer shows off the concept.

While Yoshi doesn't speak English, we are interpretting his gestures to mean that when you tap an Amiibo during Yoshi's Woolly World, you'll see the results on-screen. Yoshi will take on the appearance of the character whose Amiibo you used.

Eurogamer reports that this feature won't work for all figures. The Pokémon are left out, as is Toad. If you tap a Yarn Yoshi or regular Yoshi amiibo, you'll get a Double Yoshi on screen.

Yoshi's Woolly World still doesn't have a release date in North America, but it's due out at the end of June in Europe. The most recent Nintendo financial report suggests the game will be out during the fall season.

[Source: Nintendo on YouTube via Eurogamer]