Mobile games are beginning to go through the phase of becoming more mature, and Year Walk is one of the first, and one of my favorite, examples.

     It begins in a forest, outside a cabin- no directions, only your wit can guide you. You traverse the calm forest while on a quest to discover your future- in this case, whether or not you will marry your love. As you begin your Walk, you sense an eerie tone in the air, something hanging there, but not yet present. Throughout your adventure, you meet several "colorful" characters, known as Watchers, who guide, manipulate, and keep you from reaching your goal, who deal with death, sickness, life, and the afterlife, and who make you question if they are evil, good, or merely neutral forces, unaffected by emotion, only by necessity. As you complete your tasks, more is revealed, and you reach ever closer to your final destination. All of your encounters and experiences lead up to one final moment that delivers the answer you have searched for- but it is not over yet. The companion app provides a secret, something you need to see the truth. Only then will it all be truly over...

     All the creepiness in the last paragraph aside, Year Walk is a great game, and you really do need the free companion app to complete the experience. Although short, it provides a chilling, fun experience that is worth the price of admission (in my opinion), and will keep you pondering and locking all your doors at night for weeks (that's kind of an exaggeration, but you get the point).

     Year Walk is best played alone, at night , in a dark room, and with headphones, if you want the full experience. Hopefully you will at least look into it, as it is a truly unique experience, and after playing it, I kind of want to do a Year Walk myself.