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I will admit that I didnt play this long but it isnt my fault that the game failed to interest me. I have played many long standing franchises for the first time in this generation like MGS 4 and RE 5, and I still totally dug those games based on there engaging characters (that i was meeting for the first time) and awesome gameplay but Y3 is a different story. Every thing from its game play to story felt incredibly dated, not to mention the graphics. this game is living in the past as are those that refuse to admit there love for this game is nothing more than  nostalgia.

  • I'm cool with you not being interested in the game, but maybe don't submit a review then. I'm not going to be reviewing any books I just read a chapter of, or movies I just watched a trailer for. I suggest you stick to reviewing stuff you actually played all the way through -- or at least played for several hours.

  • Well this clown can be summed up in just 2 quotes from my Yakuza 3 review....

    "Well I'm not quite sure how long Dan Ryckert "the reviewer" played this game considering the review is quite off target."


    "It's not a flashy action-all-the-time story so those with short attention spans and lacking the ability to respect A more mature story need not apply."

    I'm guessing this joker fits that description to a T.

  • I agree 100% with the review but would have given it 5/10 because thos game sucks.  It boring after 5 mins and the fighting is horrible. it feels like a ps2 game the open world is bad and going up to people to talk is so a nintendo thing

  • This game (Yakuza 3) is just like Yakuza 2 which I thought was a well made and fun game. Game deserves at least a 7.