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Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

Cyborg Ninja Yaiba Faces Off Against Ryu Hayabusa In New Screens

The upcoming Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is getting a special edition sure to please fans of developer Team Ninja.

Included in the special edition is a full color comic book by Dark Horse Comics and a copy of the game’s original soundtrack. For fans of another Team Ninja franchise, Dead or Alive, the game also includes Yaiba themed costumes for characters Ryu and Momiji for use in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. No word yet on how much this special edition will cost.

To coincide with the news, Tecmo Koei also released a batch of new screenshots showing the game’s star Yaiba facing off against ninja supreme Ryu Hayabusa. You can check out the screens in the gallery below.

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is slated to be released on March 18 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and on PC through Steam.

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  • I've never really liked the Ninja Gaiden series that much but Yaiba looks pretty cool I might have to check it out
  • March is a beautiful disaster of games: -Yaiba NGZ -MGSV:GZ -Dark Souls 2 -Titanfall where do i even start. MGS of course... but damn!
  • Here's hoping this makes up for the disaster that was Ninja Gaiden 3.
  • Has no one heard of Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge? It fixed a lot of the problems that plagued the original one, it came out for the Wii U first but was later ported to Xbox 360 and PS3. Either way hope this gets better reception than the original 3. Those DLC costumes for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate are enticing as well. Glad that their still caring about DOA5U... I still play DOA

  • I'm really digging the art style of this game.

  • Whoopdeedoo!