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Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

Using Zombies As Weapons In Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

Tecmo has been much-criticized for the last decade for releasing numerous versions of the same Ninja Gaiden games. With the wacky Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z, gamers won’t have any reason to complain about re-using old ideas.

Series star Ryu Hayabusa is seen in the game’s first cutscene, as he violently kills a rival ninja named Yaiba. Two weeks later, the new character has been revived thanks to cyborg technology. Players then assume the role of Yaiba as he slashes his way through a zombie-infested world.

Sword attacks such as the ones typically seen in the series are still a part of this Ninja Gaiden spin-off, but ridiculous new attacks are possible after slaughtering enemies. Yaiba can chop off a zombie’s arms and use them as nunchuks, or grab the foe’s entire body with his mech arm and flail it around like a whip.

Zombie bodies will sometimes be used to solve environmental puzzles, such as one I saw that involved a steamroller. A zombie sat behind the wheel of the vehicle, which I needed to move to progress through the level. By tossing a zombie in front of the steamroller, the driver becomes distracted and drives forward, clearing the way.

Another puzzle causes a zombie to drive a truck up a ramp, which then crashes directly into the crotch of giant leg props that sit above a lingerie store. After the truck explodes between the legs, a rain of panties begins falling from the sky. Yaiba looks up at the sky and spreads his arms, welcoming the falling underwear. His wacky sense of humor is surprising to see in the usually-serious Ninja Gaiden series, but it’s a nice change of pace. We’ll see if this new take on the series brings fans back after the disappointing Ninja Gaiden 3 when Yaiba releases in 2014.

  • Can't wait to see how this one turns out.

  • This game looks like it has that ridiculous Japanese style, which I like a lot.
  • Really liking the art style here.

  • I like it!!
  • Zombies in Ninja Gaiden? It could be fun and some of it sounds humorous, but it seems like this zombie fad is getting out of hand.
  • can't wait to play this...

  • There needs to be a term (that developers should embrace more,) that describes taking a game series and doing a side project so goofy that nothing should be taken seriously about it. Something like "This game has been Blood Dragoned."
  • Wait hold on... which consoles is this game for?
  • this game could be cool i guess

  • That art style is insanely nice looking. Reminds me of violent Manga.

  • Using zombies to solve puzzles? Now that takes brains.

  • Who cares bout ninja gaiden anymore. They removed decapitations and went soft. Wheres Devils Third tho
  • That art style is fantastic. Excited for this!

  • The music doesn't seem ninja-ish. And that guys personality either. Not very ninja-like the way he speaks. Might just be me, I guess.
  • I love the premise, I get a yakuza 4 vibe from it.

  • The information box up above (top right) is all sorts of wrong. The developer isn't Comcept, and the game certainly isn't published by Team Ninja. Tecmo Koei is publisher - obviously - while the game is co-developed by Team Ninja and Spark Unlimited, while Comcept is overseeing design and production (like, say, the relationship between Mistwalker and Feelplus during Lost Odyssey/Artoon during Blue Dragon/AQ Interactive during Last Story)

    Do not like the E3 trailer by the way. I really hope they don't "try to be funny", because they're going to veer way too far into dumb and offensive, like Bulletstorm and Duke Nukem Forever. The zombies don't look engaging, but then again, this isn't Ninja Gaiden proper so maybe it'll appeal to more people if it's just a dumb, fun slasher. The music choice is good for such a different NG experience though...

  • Reminds me of Afro Samurai

  • Very different direction for Ninja Giaden. I'm a little worried that Yaiba may end up sucking. Hopefully, it doesn't.

  • I was not expecting such a drastic tonal change, at this point this game doesn't even seem like a Ninja Gaiden game. In a way I am disappointed that it is so drastically different from what I was expecting, but then again it could be good. The footage of the zombies and the steamroller was rather funny.

  • I bet dan plays on Easy mode it's obvious he can't handle real ninja gaiden on normal or hard or the NEs ones. this is already a noobish ninja gaiden game it's not hard and it's button mashy,.
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