Jep, this site gave game 9.25...and users under 6. That tells a lot how wrong review were.

Game is fun until you want challenge and true gaming, 2 points for good try and -8 for been lazy.

Whats wrong in this game: Camera-movement affects gaming in missions a lot in a wrong way, elevations doesnt work correctly when trying to go certain floors, game crashes and Nvidia users have to use old drivers cause of Lazer-bug, useless items A LOT, ambient sounds are killing ears and you cant adjust them so you must silence ALL sounds, lack of maps(boring after mid-game),

6 different voices are actually 3 different voices, pointing missiles to certain target sometimes goes impossible, half of gene-mods and upgrades are useless (reaction-shots doesnt stack to 4 when using random training-tree), missing 90-99% shot is insane as awhole squad misses reaction shots, AI cheats more than ever: super-accuracy and critical shots from even the lowest alien-unit to far end of the map in Ironman-mode, medals are joke (2% aim ??), full cover is not full cover cause AI can easily hit you with criticals. Mechs last gun...thats not cool gun its stupid.

When you raise difficulty, bugs are doubled and humans totally loses accuracy ?

More enemies or more movement to them would be better perhaps, humans accuracy atleast 50 %.

Sry English is not my language, game is total bs.