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XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within Expansion Adds New Abilities, Weapons, And Multiplayer Content

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is getting an expansion this year that will add new weapons, abilities, and more multiplayer content, among many other additions.

The expansion will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac on November 12. With the expansion you will be able to add a  Genetic Lab to your base to create gene mods, as well as a Cybernetics Lab to create powerful Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuits. The upgrades also apply to your enemies as well, making them more powerful, for better or worse (mostly the latter).

You can check out the trailer and a number of screenshots in the gallery below. Later today, we will have a hands-on preview of the expansion, so look out for that.

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  • Just woke up to the best news ever. Can't wait, and now it looks like I have a deadline for wrapping up GTA V.

  • Woot woot more xcom I love this game I have beaten it like 7 times

  • inb4 xl9 freakout.
  • Yep, pretty excited now. XCOM: Enemy Unknown was my favorite game of 2012, and I still go back to it every now and then. Glad to see more content coming.


  • That's all kinds of awesome. It's nice to see XCOM get continued support. ^_^

  • I really want to get this, but EU freezes on me a lot, especially in the middle of lengthy battles, so I have not even finished the game yet. I'll still probably get this though. Maybe a new EU disc too. Also, that Sectoid in a robot suit looks silly.

  • I think I found a reason to go back and replay this game.

  • Hell yeah!!

  • So.

    I guess now I have a reason to to a replay of it. Again.

  • Yes! This is the news I've been wanting to hear about all month (Sorry, Inquisition)!

    Does anyone know if this is another Dragon's Dogma deal where I'd have to purchase a brand new copy of the game to enjoy the new content? As excited as I am for dlc for this game, I've gotta admit, I'm not keen on buying a brand new copy just for the new content.
  • Nice. I've been thinking of a replay for some time now, and this is the perfect reason to do it.

  • Best news I've heard all day.
  • I fudging love this game. SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW :')

  • They finally added farms!!!

  • AHMG! OHMG! After Bureau I really need this to wash the bad taste out of my mouth, cannot wait until Novermber.

  • Perfect timing. I was just about to sell my copy of XCOM, as I didn't expect more DLC this far from release. Can't wait to check it out. :)

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