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XCOM: Enemy Within

Xcom: Enemy Within Covert Extraction Interactive Trailer

When Xcom: Enemy Within releases next week, it will require you to make a lot of tough tactical decisions. Get a taste of what you're in for with this interactive trailer.

Check out the trailer for the interactive trailer below, or check out the interactive trailer here. After you test your own tactical skills check out our hands on with the game here.


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  • Wait so did three xcom games come out in one year...
  • Everybody is all excited for the new consoles...and I'm just sitting here ecstatic that Enemy Within is only 4 days away.
  • I just love Firaxis DLC, it's so expansive!

  • Looks pretty great, might be what I need to finally get back into and finish XCOM. It sucks about the outright stupid release on consoles, though.
  • Reeves you accidentally the youtube. The whole thing.

  • Will get this and AC4 for Christmas. Enjoyed Unknown and the changes and new stuff seem to be worth the money.

  • I loved enemy unknown. Can't wait for this expansion! I really hope they added more to the ending too, because it really seemed so short

  • Check out the trailer for the interactive trailer below

    A trailer for a trailer? Trailerception.

  • Going to play this for sure, loved Firaxis XCOM but didn't like 2K Marin much.

  • That was a pretty damn fun trailer, interaction is a win!

  • Next week is going to be sweet:PS4 Launch and Xcom:Enemy Within released=awesome!

  • Why isn't this coming out as a download for consoles or a stand alone DLC disc? I've been playing Xcom since the 90's so I bought the game on pre-order and have all the extra content currently available. Basically I'm supposed to buy all of it again just so I can have the newest addon Since when did firaxis bet bought by EA?
  • I don't want to watch this and spoil anything from the game.
  • I just recently fell in love with enemy unknown, but this definitely looks like a good addition for those that want more XCOM gameplay. Also the interactive trailer is an amazing idea!