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XCOM: Enemy Within

Guided Tour Shows Off Some Of The Expansion's New Units, Enemies

The XCOM: Enemy Unknown expansion XCOM: Enemy Within adds a host of new enemies and features, including the ability to use a robotic exoskeleton and genetically modify your squad. In case you missed our Gamescom preview on the expansion, Firaxis has released a narrated demo that covers some of Enemy Within's new content.

Lead designer Ananda Gupta narrates the action, which includes a glimpse of the new mech suit in action. When outfitted with the fearsome exoskeleton, players can chip cover entirely away – at the cost of a huge amount of ammunition. Once that ammo is exhausted, units aren't worthless; the suits allow users to pack in a tremendous punch, provided they get in close enough. When range is more tactically advantageous, genetically modified characters can bound up to high places and use otherwise inaccessible sniper perches.

XCOM: Enemy Within is coming to PC as a downloadable expansion, and on consoles as part of a "Game of the year" style retail release on November 12.

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  • I love me some X-com. Not a fan of the design of the Mec Trooper (Why not protect their heads), but I love the rest of the new stuff.

    Looks like I'll be getting this after all.

    Also, is there any word on new features at the strategic base management (I dunno what it's actually called) level?
  • Same XCom with new features, I personally like that. not sure if i am going to but it day 1, but eventually. Also, is this current gent only?
  • Cool I was waiting for this to show some demos.

  • Booooring.

    Definitely passing on this.

  • More XCOM is good. Very good.

  • @Jeff:

    Do we have an estimate of how much game time is being added?

  • So I can only buy the new GOTY edition to get the new expansion and not buy any DLC since I own the console version?
  • Really wish I didn't have to buy the game again to get this. Definitely not a day one purchase now.

  • I hope this expansion's scope is large enough. I really wouldn't mind playing Enemy Unknown/Within for months if the story just kept going.

  • This is so incredibly epic looking.

  • Love it, looks like I'll have to do another play through on Enemy Unknown and check out this expansion.

  • Yeah,all looking pretty damn good,il be happy to pick this up come november.

  • Awesome, just awesome.

  • Yay!!  So excited!

  • I'm both excited and horrified about that short "cutscene" where the mech trooper and the gene modded soldiers are deployed. Why? On one hand it shows that there could potentially be some new story stuff. On the other hand, I hope that is not an actual mission in the game, the day that the XCOM project sends in a pair of lone rookies to die before deciding to field test the super soldiers who are already on place waiting in the skyranger is the day I sign my resignation.

    I would also have expected that you have to kill or even capture a Mechtoid before you can build your own Mech units, so HQ being surprised by it either indicates that this is just some mission made specifically for the trailer or that they haven't thought things through at all.