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  • Blog Post: Why Do I Even Bother?

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown. You've only got yourselves to blame 2K -- or I guess, more accurately, Firaxis. Or you know what, even more accurately, XCOM fans. You all had to complain about a perfectly good game that could have provided some variety to the shooter genre and potentially been a great hybrid... More
  • Blog Post: The Real Enemy is Boredom

    This game baffles me. It should be a slam dunk. Take a classic strategy franchise, add a great developer and you should get something amazing. Instead, we got XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Concept Mesh long-term and tactical strategy into an uninteresting mess Graphics Muddy and bland, although character models... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review- A love letter to strategy gamers

    In this day and age where games cost more than ever to make and titles like Call of Duty and copycats take the market by storm, you won’t often see publishers taking chances with new games or reviving old franchises in a modern market. Reboots of classic games like Syndicate pop up occasionally... More
  • Blog Post: Decisions with Lasting Consequences

    I've just visited the Memorial in the Barracks of the XCOM headquarters. I pause as the music plays to honor the soldiers that have passed in the war for Humanity's survival, and reminisce on my memories with them, however long or short. One of them is a Russian Corporal who specialized in Assault... More
  • Blog Post: DownPlay Reviews #5 - XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Honestly, I’m feeling kind of at a loss here, this being the first strategy game I’ve played in about three years. But with the last being Civilization V, and with XCOM: Enemy Unknown being made by the same people, I can say with confidence that XCOM has some pretty hefty talent behind it. Hopefully... More
  • Blog Post: Xcom Review - Good Men Will Die.

    Xcom is a game that I have been looking forward to for some time. I have never been great at strategy games, but this one grabbed my attention from the first time I started reading about it. While my wife scoffed at the idea of aliens attacking Earth, cliched and what have you, I thought more about the... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM Enemy Unknown Review: Wanna Feel Like MIB?

    For the first time in a long time a game that has promised so much has actually made good in its delivery. For those (like myself) unfamiliar with the XCOM IP, the most recent installation is a reboot that harkens back to the nostalgia of many gamers before me. Hoping to stay as true to the original... More
  • Blog Post: Must Play!

    I'd like to start off by saying I do not play strategy or turn based games very often. I've never played the original XCOM. However, I played this Demo on my PS3 and instantly jumped on Steam to download it for PC and I prefer it on PC. (And I'm a Console Gamer.) The tutorial is great! It... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM: Enemies unknown

    This had got to be one of the great strategy games of our generation. At its core it has a lot of RPG groundwork. The missions are diverse enough to keep you going through multiple playthroughs, and are so gripping! customize individual loadouts, manage invintory, objectives, and finances, all while... More
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