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  • Blog Post: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review- A love letter to strategy gamers

    In this day and age where games cost more than ever to make and titles like Call of Duty and copycats take the market by storm, you won’t often see publishers taking chances with new games or reviving old franchises in a modern market. Reboots of classic games like Syndicate pop up occasionally... More
  • Blog Post: DownPlay Reviews #5 - XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Honestly, I’m feeling kind of at a loss here, this being the first strategy game I’ve played in about three years. But with the last being Civilization V, and with XCOM: Enemy Unknown being made by the same people, I can say with confidence that XCOM has some pretty hefty talent behind it. Hopefully... More
  • Blog Post: Easy to become attatched!

    As the title says, it is easy to become attached to this game-- and more importantly, the soldiers/characters you create. I went in to the game thinking that it would be relatively easy to keep my favored soldiers alive, oh boy I was wrong! Losing people left and right on what would be deemed an easier... More
  • Blog Post: A Re-make for the Ages

    I'll date myself a bit here, but was a junior in high school when the original XCOM released. I wasn't privileged enough at the time to have a computer, but spent many an evening playing through it, Civilization, and Master of Orion at a more fortunate friends house. In many ways, the stable... More
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