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X Rebirth

A Highly Ambitious Space Shooter

The industry doesn’t see many space combat titles these days, but genre fans should pay attention to X Rebirth, which aims to drop players into a massive open galaxy that could take years to explore.

Egosoft’s X space shooters have been around for a while, but the series has always appealed to a fairly niche audience. The developer is hoping that will change with X Rebirth, a massive project that the team has been working on for over seven years.

The game is a single player space shooter/trade simulator, where players trade goods and services with other NPCs, mine asteroids for resources, and manage a fleet of ships until they’ve built an empire that reaches the stars.

The impressive thing about X Rebirth is how massive the play space is. Egosoft has built a galaxy for players to explore, and the distance between planets is so vast that it could literally take players hours to travel from one location to the next. To help trim down this time, players can hop on space highways, which function as a kind of minigame where you have to change lanes and dodge other ships.

Planets and other large rocks aren’t the only thing that players run into in space. You’re able to dock at space stations then get out and walk around as you trade goods and recruit new NPCs to your team. Capitol ships are so big that that they feature thousands of turrets and other objects that players can destroy in combat. Players are even be able to fly inside some of these ships and shoot at their guts.

Egosoft has built the game so that players can keep playing randomly generated content indefinitely after they complete the 20-hour campaign.  If you’re looking for a nice space shooter who you can bring home to mom and maybe settle down with for the rest of your life, then X Rebirth might be the game for you. X Rebirth’s seven year development ends this November.

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  • I may get this until star citizen comes out.
  • Wow! Seven years? If the combat is fun and the exploration addicting, I might have to try this.
  • Sooo many games this year. I feel bad that I'll never have the time to touch this.
  • Count me in. This looks and sounds great. I love space shooters. Not enough of them nowadays.
  • This sounds pretty impressive. I love big worlds (or galaxies/space in this instance) to get lost in. The only thing I wish they had more of is more on foot sequences. I like the idea of exploring/fighting on foot and then retreating to a space ship to continue the fight or fly through the galaxy.

    I'll keep my eyes on this one!
  • I wish it was multiplayer
  • Looks pretty cool, not sure how big of an audience there is for this type of thing though. Hope it succeeds!
  • Mod
    I'd be much more interested if this game was an MMO. It just screams "multiplayer".
  • *waits for EvilHeadGuy to comment*
  • See you when you make it to consoles
  • Literally the last even sort-of space shooter I played was Star Wars BF2. This looks super awesome. I honestly don't know if my PC could handle it though.
  • Absolutely sold on it. I'll preorder it as soon as possible, likely within the week.
  • Seven years, that's a rather long time. I really hope they didn't waste it. I'll be watching this game closely, hopefully it won't disappoint!
  • I'm jealous of this game.
  • Um, Ben, that last joke about "bring home to mom" really doesn't sound as good outloud as I imagine it did in your head.
  • sounds amazing! definitely going to try this one out!

  • Best of luck to these guys. The game sounds really great. Great ideas only get you so far though. I hope that there execution matches there ideas. Seven years is a long time so perhaps they can pull off such an ambitious sounding game. Only time will tell. For now these guys have my attention.

  • Looks live EVE but on crack
  • A pity its another pc game. I'm not buying a rig to give it a try.

  • Well..I'm sold. :o

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