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X Rebirth

Egosoft's Latest Gets First Trailer And Release Date

The sixth title in the X Universe series is coming this November, and the team at Egosoft has published the first trailer. Those familiar with the "Trade, Fight, Build, Think" motto will find a lot of familiarity in X Rebirth.

The title is a space-based sandbox in which players can become merchants, captains, pirates, or simply build a space empire. You can learn more about it below and take to the vacuum of space on November 15, 2013.

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  • Can you go on foot as well? I really like space themes like this, but I prefer to have control of a character and let them explore on foot as well as in a spaceship.
  • I saw the X title and expected this to be that Wii U game with the mechs and dinosaur things. I was wrong.
  • Dang, I thought this was about "X" for the Wii U and got excited, lol on another note, I don't think I've ever heard of this series? What's it about?
  • Made me think of Prey 2. Now I'm sad :(

  • FINALLY! The X series is extremely rewarding for space combat and/or trading privateer fans who can scale the sheer face of its mountainous learning curve. Fans of Freespace, Wing Commander, etc. should give it a try. Just don't expect much in the way of hand holding.

  • I'm just one of many who thought this was X news for the Wii U.

  • Where da mechs at?
  • Definitely gonna pick this up!!!

  • Instant boner.

  • I thought this was the Xeno thing on Wii U... This looks kinda neat though, too.

  • Wow this game looks awesome. Seems like it will have a steep learning curve?

  • The last time I played a game in the X series was X: Beyond the Frontier.. I never did find those starter lasers.. I'll have to pick this one up!


  • Is that Steven Blum?

  • So this i just like EVE online... just without the online/MMO thing.

  • This game looks graphically STUNNING!