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Easy "Cleaning up the Aisles" Trophy

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Easy "Cleaning up the Aisles" Trophy

     During your fight with Fred Dukes (The Blob), don't attack him. Instead, run around the store, ducking between aisles and dodging his attacks. Dukes will follow you and destroy some stuff (the walls won't break). After you destroy everything you can destroy in the store, attack Dukes(use all combos). After a while, he will go Beserk, thus knocking you back. Recover then Lunge(hold R1 then press L1) at him(I forgot to mention that he will charge at you and then bellyflop when he gets close). While on his back, steer him (L1 and R1 buttons) into the walls(use feral sense to locate them; there are 4 walls in all). If you are fast enough, you break 2 walls in one run. Repeat this until all walls are destroyed. After this you will receive the trophy. If it doesn't show, either kill him or make sure there is no cheats activated. You will then receive the trophy.