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WWE 2K15

Now You See John Cena In The First Screenshot

Today WWE wrestler John Cena tweeted the first in-game screenshot of WWE 2K15. The screenshot (which you can click to expand) features an impressively rendered, scanned-in Cena shooting a debilitating scowl at WWE wrestler Randy Orton (Orton’s tattooed arm also pictured).

WWE 2K 15 is the first new-gen installment of the wrestling video game franchise published by 2K Sports. 2K 15 is being developed collaboratively by Yukes and the 2K studio Visual Concepts. For the first time, the scanning technology 2K previously applied in its NBA 2K games will be utilized to render the in-game models of famous wrestlers in greater detail and accuracy than ever before.

In addition to the incorporation of scanning technology, Visual Concepts and Yukes are introducing a number of other new features, which you can read about in our preview here. Cena will also grace the cover of the wrestling game, which you can see along with a short video with the wrestler explaining his cover shoot, here.

2K Sports took the WWE license from the now-defunct developer studio THQ last year. This is the first of the wrestling game’s titles they are handling from the beginning of development. WWE 2K 15 is set to release on October 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.  

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  • Mod

    That's pretty impressive.

  • Mod
    Finally! No more plastic-looking wrestlers! Now, hopefully the body shapes are true-to-life too. *looks at Chris Jericho, Edge, and Shawn Michaels*
  • this was so great i had to make it my new picture,angry cena face FTW

  • Doesn't look that impressive i mean its definitely an improvement from last games
  • Doesn't look that impressive i mean its definitely an improvement from last games

  • The lighting and texture work are impressive for sure.

  • All I can say is wow!

  • Holy ***. A real improvement. Now let's see some gameplay.

  • That is definitely an improvement. Really thinking about buying this one as I skipped WWE 2K14.

  • I'm gonna lay the smack down on you BROTHER! Oooooohhhhhh yyyeeeaaahhh!

  • I ended my tenure of buying WWE games after SvR 2011. This could bring me back.

  • Now lets see how hair, women's body proportions, ring physics (especially the ropes), collisions, mouths opening and closing animations, clipping, and HHH's nose look. If those look great, then we have something to talk about! At least Cena looks a lot less generic than he has the last few years in the details of his face.

  • Huge improvement from previous games. This might be my first WWE game since the PS1 era.

  • Looks extremely good. I'm impressed

  • this is for hulk hogans collector edition
  • I'm just happy that finally STING will be available to play as! He's my favorite wrestler hands down! Can't wait for this to come out!

  • Unfortunately they forgot to mention that Cena is the only playable character. In fact, he's the only character in the game and you can never win because all you can do is wrestle another Cena and Cena never loses.

  • Impressive.

  • Cena's mad because they booked him in a match with Randy Orton again!

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