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John Bradshaw Layfield Joins The Roster

From high atop Mt. Blanc in the alps, we have the latest roster announcement for WWE 2K14. From where else would a wrestling god announce his inclusion?

You can see the announcement for yourself and check out two in-game screenshots of JBL below. WWE 2K14 arrives on October 29, 2013, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Be sure to check out our recent preview and the stories on the Phenom Edition and Ultimate Warrior pre-order bonus.

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  • I still find it crazy that I don't know anything about cowboy hat JBL. But Farooq and Bradshaw, the APA? Awesome times!
  • Sweet.  I will still have to pass though...unless a Wii U version is made!

  • it looks like JBL was on vacation and the WWE called him to to make the announcement while he was there
  • JBL is one of the best heel superstar to ever grace the WWE. Speaking off, the character models seem vastly improved compared to the past few years.
  • He's the best.
  • A superb legend

  • Greatest heel ever

  • The WrestleMania when JBL wrestled Finlay... at one point he just chucked a mashed-up garbage can at Hornswoggle who was standing ringside and drilled him with it... I almost died from laughter.
  • One of the greatest of all time. Seriously though he needs to get back to RAW ASAP. I can't stand Cole and Lawler by themselves w/ no heel commentator. JBL is one of the best in the ring and in the booth!
  • Bradshaw > JBL I can't stand his JBL persona; he was so much more entertaining/less d-bag as a 'roughneck' working man. I suppose that's the point, JBL is a heel, but still...
  • JBL is the man.

  • Wrestling GOD. He's the only one that makes the RAW commentary interesting. By the way, is that limo finally not on the ramp?!
  • J...B...L...J...B...L... The wrestling God!. One of the greatest heels in recent memory.

    Also I like to obtain the Phenom Edition ;)

  • Second best Power bomb behind Kevin Nash

  • I don't think I've read the word "heel" so many times in so little amount of time.  Thanks wrasslin' nerds.  

  • Kane to JBL: "I've been to Hell, and I didn't see a clothesline anywhere."

  • Well atleast now I can have a cool entrance for my created wrestler that is rich as f*ck and is cocky as f*ck haha. But seriously though he's cool