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Ultimate Warrior Returns To The Ring As Pre-Order Bonus

There has been hope among fans that the Ultimate Warrior might get his due in a new annual WWE title for years. The "Founding Father of Life Intensity" had been waging a number of lawsuits with the WWE, and until he was included in the arcade-style WWE All-Stars, hope seemed all but lost. Fans knew to "Always Believe." Their faith has paid off.

Ultimate Warrior is returning from Parts Unknown to join the roster of WWE 2K14. If you want to see him in the ring though, you'll need to pre-order. The annual WWE franchise has used marquee personalities to move early copies for the past few years, with Mike Tyson, The Rock, and Bret "Hitman" Hart motivating fans to buy early.

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We've got the first look at the (hilarious) Ultimate Warrior trailer below. You'll be able to let him manhandle you on October 29, 2013, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. 

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  • thought he was dead....

  • The Graphics look terrible in this game haha- they look like action figures duking it out!

  • He is still in my top 5 wrestlers that I enjoyed as a kid.  He brought so much intensity, I hope the game can give him his due.

  • Is it just me or does the ultimate warrior look exactly like ben stiller? Hopefully it's just me

  • I remember hearing something back in the day about him dying. Guess you can believe everything that you hear. Still, I haven't watched wrestling since WCW was dissolved. But he was one of my all-time favorite wrestlers. Great addition.

  • The trailer was awesome, but honestly, who cares? His entrance motions have been in the game for years and due to community creations in addition to the ability to upload custom entrance themes, Warrior has been in my WWE games for a long time. I'd like to see some innovation instead of, "Hey! Looks at this Legends of WrestleMania model that was made four years ago!"

  • I felt like I just bought WWE 13 and now WWE 14 is coming out soon...these yearly games are a waste of money....just buy one every 3 years or so...they are all the same thing anyways..
  • yes. Ultimate Warrior rules! but did anyone notice how bad the graphics looked on the gameplay at the end. jeeez this series needs a new engine STAT!

  • Cool beans!