There's not much I can say that Matt Helgeson has already touched on with his review. Although, I did too have some issues with activating the special abilities at first. But after fine tuning my Kinect they almost disappeared entirely. You also cant shoot your arms straight up above you in a "goal" fashion. they have to be in a Y shape "think Y M C A" Im pretty sure Tinker tells you that in one of the first levels. I also had a lot of issues with the Flying shot ( i seriously dread it) but I found that you cant have your arms too far up when you want the shot to fly upwards, otherwise it'll reset and you'll skyrocket downwards or go down in a spiral. So again, keep to the "Y" shape as the highest point your arms will go.


I also got to agree with the Destruction in the game. There will be times where there is a tower that is "magically" still up when there is a sliver of stone keeping it up, its also annoying to see a tower fall on another tower or a wall and the falling tower just like destroys itself without causing any damage (if you're lucky it'll cause a little bit of damage)


The later levels are pretty hard (im on world 8 and you literally need to have Perfect shots every time) a nice challenge, and thank god the accuracy for the game is amazing, otherwise this would've been unplayable.


Overall its an amazing game for only 800 MSP, definitely pick it up if you got a Kinect.