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Worms Battlegrounds

Worms Battlegrounds Grows A Spine On May 30

Team17 is almost ready to unleash its crawling combatant Worms franchise on new-gen consoles. The series has appeared on 25 different platforms, and is one of the first ID@Xbox titles to be released.

Worms Battlegrounds will include both single-player and multiplayer content, the latter with clan support. The title, which will be available both digitally and as a retail offering, includes twenty-five single-player missions, ten “Worm-Ops” time-based missions, and five different environments in which you can duke it out against the AI or friends.

There are a total of 65 different weapons, including mundane offerings and the series traditional goofy armaments (holy hand grenades are still awesome). There are 10 new items, including winged monkeys and teleport guns, and you can unlock 200 customization items for your team of squirming soldiers.

The title will be available for Xbox One and PS4 (Europe) May 30. A North American PlayStation 4 release is set for June 3.

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  • Nice!!! This hopefully means more Let's Plays from the Achievement Hunter lads/gents. Those are hilarious :)

  • Can't wait! Love these games!

  • No wii u makes me sad, this would fit the gamepad well.

  • More Worms!

  • Ps Vita? No? Like the 10 other times this happened, THE PS VITA IS NOT GETTING ANY SUPPORT!

  • I really wana see the game called GunBound turn into an arcade game for the PS4 or the XBOX ONE

  • Why is this not 3D? I'll pass on worms until they have the guts to make a 3D game again

  • Can't wait for an Achievement Hunter LP of this!

  • oh boy oh boy oh BOOOOOY