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Worlds of Magic

Aiming At Master Of Magic’s Fantasy 4X Legacy

Worlds of Magic, a Kickstarted indie game from tiny Polish studio Wastelands Interactive, is another self-described spiritual successor to Steve Barcia’s seminal Master of Magic. The twist: this one uses the popular d20 Open Gaming License popularized by 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

The alpha gameplay teaser above gives a decent idea of what to expect out of Worlds of Magic: Large fantasy worlds inhabited by powerful monsters and several distinct playable races, plus turn-based tactical combat featuring powerful spells, armored knights, and magical beings. 

Worlds of Magic is currently in early alpha and slated for release next year, though Wastelands promises a public demo soon. If you like what you see, vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

  • Looking forward to this if its promising as it seems.

  • Well, I wish this was a card game and this game. Sorta like Magic the Gathering.

  • Master of Magic is still an excellent game to this day.  Get it from Good old games if you haven't played it.  Your pc can handle it, this game is old.  

  • I think I just *** myself! I Loved Masters of Magic even thou the graphics at the time weren't even that great. I cant believe it took this long for someone to make a spiritual successor(Fallen Enchantress is closest good one to that game). I hope they spend a lot of time on the artificial intelligence (the only real knock I had against MOM). Man I really like what's coming out of Poland these days! CDProject RED is the ***.