Tanks not your thing? Check out this impressive gallery showing off World of Warplanes, the next free-to-play action MMO from Wargaming.net.

Wargaming.net has enjoyed massive, unprecedented success with its free-to-play World of Tanks, and the developer/publisher is expanding its reach into sky and sea with this and the upcoming World of Battleships. You can expect to engage in multitudes of session-based competitive multiplayer matches featuring a wide variety of real and prototype war machines of the World War II era, building up your pilot's career and his stable of aircraft as you go along.

Given World of Tanks' success, you can bet that World of Warplanes will feature a similar system where gameplay is free, but you can buy special upgrades and ammo through a microtransaction system. While you're undeniably spending money for in-game power in Wargaming.net's model, it's not as bad as it could be – five percent more damage isn't the end of the world in an arcade-style, action-driven game like this.

World of Warplanes has no official release date, but we expect it to come out some time next year.