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Making Gold in World of Warcraft - Part 001

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Making Gold in World of Warcraft - Part 001

Before we begin our journey into how we make a steady stream of revenue I want to first introduce you to a couple subjects, one of them being math. Math is a very touchy subject to those who want to make gold on World of Warcraft, but it is one that needs to be brought up. You will need to be able to record everything that you do and figure out what you spend your money on and how you will be maximizing profit.

Grab your pencil, paper, and calculator if you don't have the Microsoft bundle because we are going on a mathematics journey.

----( The Add-Ons)----

It is easily said that it is smart to grab your add-ons quickly so I would suggestion you grab the Curse client (www.curse.com). If you have problems installing the client you can google a guide or wait until I can link to you my guide to installing the Curse client.

Add-ons are used to optimize your playing performance, so let me give you a brief list of what type of add-ons we will be getting...

- Auction House manager
- Mail System manager
- Bag manager
- Map manager

Okay so you will want to grab the add-ons that do what is listed from above. I'll wait here until you get them.. Are you telling me you don't know what to look at? Oh then I could help you there, here are a few add-ons that I (will eventually review) find useful:

- Auctioneer
- Postal
- OneBag3
- Carbonite
- Loot Filter
- Bag Sort
- Easy Destroy

Install these and I'll explain what each of them are going to help us do.


Auctioneer is a great tool for the Auction House, I recommend you grab this tool because it will automate the process of creating Auctions for you. At this point in time you will probably want to head to the Auction House and give it a scan which can take a couple minutes to a little over an hour. Either way you will want to scan it so get ready to scan and go take a shower or something while you wait. Remember to check on it periodically so you do not automatically log off due to inactivity!

If you are starting off fresh you will not need to worry about Auctioneer for a while so just get a scan and remember to do it daily (Just to get into the habit). I will be placing a guide up for this soon so you can be a master at it.


This is an add-on that is going to effect your mail system and is mostly used for the Auction House. You will be able to take out multiple items with a single click. Not much to be said about this tool but it is very very nice to have.


If you have not noticed by now your bags will come up in separate windows, this can be extremely annoying at times and you sometimes just wish you could see everything you had on one window. That is what OneBag3 is for!


A full revamp of the map and mini-map comes from this add-on. The power this add-on contains will make you wonder how you will maintain it and get it to work. For now just move the map to the top right hand corner and make sure it's in a spot that won't annoy you (much). I know it seems to be a pain and if you feel like you don't to deal with it right now, just turn it off because you will need it later on.

Loot Filter and Bag Sort

I didn't feel a need for separating these two fine add-ons so they will stay in this one brief section. Loot Filter determines what gets opened, what gets trashed, and what gets sold as soon as you pick it up. This is a powerful tool that we will customize to make your bag space fully (and when I say fully I mean it) optimized. Bag Sort isn't so powerful, all it does is sort everything which can be good after you have just gotten done working with something and you have a lot of empty spaces.

Easy Destroy

I almost forgot about this add-on, it will save you time if you do not have Loot Filter set up yet. It allows you to hold Alt+Shift and right click the item to delete it without having to go through the trouble of trying to accept the destroy notification.

------( The Class )----

There are two classes that are automatic money makers, those are rogues and mages. Rogues have an ability called Lock-Picking. This is a great money maker as you can offer to pick locks for free to increase your skill to 450 or request someone to pay you, in the beginning it is wise to pick locks for free as soon as you get the ability.

Mages are able to do a lot for some gold. The first is making water and food, these only cost you mana and are actually nice because it only takes up 40% of your base mana and you can gain that back by drinking one of your Conjured Waters, after you get half a bag full of Conjured Water start making Conjured Food, this will allow you to have a good stock.

There are other classes that will allow you to gain gold easily, two of them are Paladins and Warriors but only if they are tanks. We will talk more about these money making opportunities later on. If this is your first character go with whatever you want, but if you are making a character purely for profit you can either make a tank or a mage -- If you decide on making a tank choose either a Paladin or Warrior as those are the two easiest classes to tank with.

-----( The Professions )------

There are two main types of professions and one break down of a profession. Primary and Secondary Professions. The primary professions get broken down into Gathering and Crafting Professions. When it comes to money you want to spend a lot of time with Gathering Professions. The three Gathering Professions are Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning. The other eight professions are Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, and Tailoring.

The problem is you may only have two primary professions. The good news is you can take out eight of the eleven at this point because we are working on cash flow. So now we are left with two of the three:


The one you don't choose is going to be the one you wish you had chosen because you will see people with it rolling in gold; But don't be displeased because they took the "right" choice. When they first started out they didn't know what they wanted to do and when they chose their professions they saw people with the other one rolling around in gold. With that being said remember to stick with what you choose.

I believe it is smart to choose Skinning and then one of the other professions that you feel would be fun. I find Herbalism to be nice as well since you may gather without worrying about that extra bag space for the mining pick. But remember you also have your Skinning Knife that you use for Skinning.

If you choose Herbalism I would like to recommend that you create a Druid because you have the ability to fly (at 60) and from what I have been told you may stay in Flight Form and gather without having to change back. This increases gathering time by a few seconds but it all adds up.

As for secondary professions, the simplest thing to be said is keep every skill up when it comes to them. They are not money makers, but instead money savers. Being able to heal yourself before you go into battle is a great tool and being able to get that small buff from a campfire isn't that bad either (Even though very minute).

----( Your First Steps )----------------

For this guide we will be using the assumption that you are starting out fresh, no characters at all. With that being said you will be hitting up your account with a non-main. This guy will be your Auction House character. He will keep all your money and he will be the one who runs back and forth between the Auction House, The Bank, and The Mailbox. Once he is created go to the major city (Either StormWind or Orgrimmar) and camp him right in front of the Mailbox. Make it something easy to remember and simple (No special characters!). The longer you spend trying to remember your alt's name the longer it is going to be until you sell that stuff you have.

Next you will want to log off him and make your main. Because I believe it is a smart idea to create a druid (and I am part of the Horde) we will be make a Tauren Druid. At this point you should start questing around (I will get into quests at the end). You will want to grab your bags.

6 slot bags should work fine for now, each bag costs 5 silver and you have four bag slots (24 extra slots) so it's going to cost you 20 silver. Around the starting zone you will find a lot of animals, I recommend you get every quest you can and start going after the quests. There are a lot of mobs that can drop 6 slot bags as well, so when doing quests make sure you loot everything (You should be doing this anyways).

As you advance through the game you will eventually hit level 5, at this point go to your main city and grab your two professions. Each profession costs around 5 copper so make sure you have at least one silver before you go (You like back up just in case). Now you will want to start hunting down your herbs and beasts. Kill and skin EVERY beast you can, after you level it up you do not want it for the skill but rather for the skin itself.

Keep everything you get, when you go to turn quests in make sure you empty out right then and there even if it is just one or two things. There are a few things you should never sell, those are things like Linen Cloth, any random Ore you find, bags (assuming you have all your slots filled), herbs, etc. These are things you need to mail to your Auction House Character (Now named "AHC"). The only thing that you may probably sell is Ruined Scraps from your skinning, unless you feel like holding onto them and placing them in the bank, if you are all about the money keep the Ruined Scraps and send them to AHC to put in his bank.

-----( Questing )---------------

Questing is a very good way to gain gold, at the lower levels it doesn't give you much but at higher levels you will get a ton. I have given 250g to a new player before and made it up from casual questing that exact same day. Not all from questing but a good portion.

I highly recommend you get Zygor's Guide (Affiliate Link, I appreciate the extra money for my work) as they help you through quests and it makes questing a lot faster (which mean you gain more money).

If you do not feel like making the small investment you can use things like Quest Helper though they are not nearly as affective.

--------( Quick Review )----------

- Never sell profession mats (Cloth, Ore, Herbs, Skin [Minus Ruined Leather Scraps in some cases], etc.)
- Always clean out your bags as much as possible
- When destroying something, make sure you choose something that is worth less than that of which you are creating room for.
- Keep AHC's name simple and easy to remember.
- Do your quests

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If you have a guide you want done that I have not made yet, please tell me and I'll do what I can when able to. The articles are listen in order of what is to come with no specific time of posting. Please come visit to see what has been edited and what has been added by me often.


With the upcoming Cataclysm I want to remind everyone that the Goblins do have a passive ability called "Best Deals Anywhere (Passive)" that allows them to get everything for the cheapest price no matter the reputation status. Use this to your advantage!