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World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition

The PC Giant Rolls Over To 360

We learned that Microsoft was bringing Wargaming’s insanely popular World of Tanks franchise to the Xbox 360 during its E3 press conference, and now we have more specific information on how the game works.

World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition is free to play for Xbox Live Gold members. Silver members can play the game and access all of its content for seven days, though they’ll need to upgrade if they want to continue playing beyond that introductory period. 

Once they’re in players participate in 15-on-15 player battles. The game is essentially the same as the PC version, with no respawns, XP-draining repairs, and a wide array of tanks and other tank-like vehicles. The UI has been given an overhaul, with bar graphs replacing numbers for various armor ratings and other stats.

In the demo, we saw how a heavy tank fares against a diverse spread of opponents. There are five classifications of vehicles: light, medium, and heavy tanks, as well as the sniper-like tank destroyers and the artillery-packing self-controlled guns. Our tank took out a low wall, exposing an opponent. Its turret swiveled to face us, and we moved to the side to avoid its fire. At that point, both of us waited for our ammo to recycle. Once it did, we fired on the opponents’ tread, crippling it. Rather than wait for another reload, we took the absurdly aggressive approach of ramming the enemy, destroying it.

Players are still able to purchase items such as special ammo and new tanks with real money, though the developer says that a core design mantra is that it’s free to win. In short, as long as you pay attention to your opponents and the surroundings, you should be able to hold your own on the battlefield regardless of whether you decide to crack open your wallet.

The game is due out on the Xbox 360 this summer.

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  • Can't wait to play this. I am hoping I get into the Beta.
  • Sounds good... Enough to keep my entertained until the Xbox One.
  • It'll be cool to see what exactly is actually being overhauled...
  • I don't think you guys read news tips so I'll tell you here. Xbox 1 is making so if your account is banned you forfeit all the rights to your games which includes disc based ones. You lose all the content you've purchased. I found this out on the Xbox Support twitter page. I also have a picture but I'm not sure how to attach it.
  • Should be a fun new experience

  • m10 hell cat is the best tank destroyer of the war! i personally can take out king tigers with that slick little tank!
  • "XP-draining repairs"

    I think you meant "credit-draining repairs". XP is used to research tanks and tank modules, credits are used to purchase tanks and tank modules, repair your tank and buy ammo.

  • Aww... Seriously? I was hoping to play it on PSN, wrong again. And how is this going to be able to function? Last time I played it, there were more controls than a standard controller has.
  • This game looks so awesome! I just hope it has splitscreen so my siblings and I can play together.
  • Hope matches are more even than on PC. Nothing like half the lobby having tanks literally twice your level. Don't care how good you are it is difficult if not impossible to win that fight. Doesn't help that I suck at the game and no matter how many times I shoot at another tank's common weak points (hatches, ports) 7 times out of 10 it doesn't do anything and they one-shot me.

  • I thought this was only announced for XBone. It's coming to 360 as well, or is this the only console SKU in the works?
  • Awesome trailer.

  • I got to be honest... It's the first time I hear about this game... but It does sound great!!

  • Good god, how many mistakes can you write in one thread? Quote:"XP-draining repairs" -> you don't pay for repairs with XP, but credits... Quote: "the artillery-packing self-controlled guns" -- Well obviously you'll controll them yourself... you likely mean Self-Propelled guns... Quote: "we fired on the opponents’ tread"-- tread? You mean tracks. Do a bit of research before you write a thread GI...
  • Why do I feel like I am the only one not excited for this game?
  • Can't wait!

  • Good for Xbox. This sounds fun. Keep bringing new experiences to us consolers. Thanks for the preview GI. It should be a great summer for Gold.

  • Looks awesome.  I'm already enjoying Fable III which is free for Gold members.  Too bad it won't convince me to buy the Xbox One lol

  • Wow, I always thought that World of Tanks was probably some poorly made browser game looking to snag my cash just by looking at the cash, but these screens, and the article have changed my mind. The graphics look beauteous, and it really looks like they tried their hardest for authenticity. I'm seeing lots of cool different tanks there, and with it being free on Xbox; I think I'll be rolling around in a Tiger or a Jagdpanther.

  • F2P is cgreat