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Wolfenstein: The New Order

The Look Of Wolfenstein's New Order

There is no appeasing the Nazis – they take by force what they want. MachineGames and Bethesda are bringing Wolfenstein back to PC and current- and next-gen consoles this year, and a bunch of new screens and concept art visualize what 1960 would have looked like if the Nazis won the war.

Not only have the Nazis won WWII, but in the intervening time they've made giant leaps in technology, enabling them to create an intimidating military arsenal and even head into space. In the gallery below you can take a look at the regime's super Nazi soldiers, Nazi guns, regular Nazis, and Nazi mechs. You'll also be able to avail yourself of this Nazi tech for the power of good by raiding their facilities to upgrade your weapons, as well as take control of some of their machines.

The game utilizes id's id Tech 5 engine, and the FPS's gameplay features car chases, underwater segments, and other set-piece moments. In one of the screens below you can see what looks like a split-screen conversation between hero B.J. Blazkowicz and a fellow operative.

For more, be sure to take a look at the game's debut trailer.

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  • I love the idea here, and I'm glad to see robots back in the franchise and such cool, fresh (yet still Nazi-powered) locales. But I need to start seeing a castle soon. I'm sorry, but Wolfenstein is attached to the castle - it's iconic. I don't expect the blue doors and grey bricks-look from the classic one, but there HAS to be a castle interior in this game somewhere. Can't wait to see more then!

  • There's nothing here that's new.
  • dear god.......i need new pants

  • WOW, this looks EXTREMELY promising.. I'm all over this.

  • I'm not interested in Bethesda shooters. I like their story driving games. If I can pick in choose, how I interact with other characters, I'm all for it. But if not I'll skip it.
  • Can we just get an HD re-release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein?

  • This looks promising; I hope the game can stand out.

  • looks sweet!

  • If only terror were this beautiful.
  • This looks like a pretty cool game, i would like to try this one and especially that it has a alternate part of WW2.

  • Looks awesome so far.

  • Knowing Id, this game is sure to have plenty of meat.
  • really lookin foward to this one, i like the subgenre of ww 2 shooters that are sci fi.

  • Love killing nazi scum , anyone that dont is a fool. The graphics look pretty good too in the gameplay clips.

  • This is looking pretty awesome.

    I was disappointed by the Wolfenstein game from a few years ago but this looks like a whole new direction.

  • cool...

  • Love the wolfenstein series!  The last one (by raven software) was a blast! Ill be picking this one up on PS4

  • Just..........can't wait.  I LOVED the last Wolfenstein and I know this one will be as fun as ever.  Can't wait to see some gameplay!  I'm hoping there is a leveling up system for customization.  I love customization in FPS's!