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Wolfenstein: The New Order

The Look Of Wolfenstein's New Order

There is no appeasing the Nazis – they take by force what they want. MachineGames and Bethesda are bringing Wolfenstein back to PC and current- and next-gen consoles this year, and a bunch of new screens and concept art visualize what 1960 would have looked like if the Nazis won the war.

Not only have the Nazis won WWII, but in the intervening time they've made giant leaps in technology, enabling them to create an intimidating military arsenal and even head into space. In the gallery below you can take a look at the regime's super Nazi soldiers, Nazi guns, regular Nazis, and Nazi mechs. You'll also be able to avail yourself of this Nazi tech for the power of good by raiding their facilities to upgrade your weapons, as well as take control of some of their machines.

The game utilizes id's id Tech 5 engine, and the FPS's gameplay features car chases, underwater segments, and other set-piece moments. In one of the screens below you can see what looks like a split-screen conversation between hero B.J. Blazkowicz and a fellow operative.

For more, be sure to take a look at the game's debut trailer.

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  • The robot dog reminds me of the Mousers from Ninja Turtles.
  • Now this is how you were supposed to breathe life into the WWII subgenre.
  • All I want from Wolfenstein is to kill a Robo-Hitler as the final boss.
  • I love alternate history stories, and good shooting on top is enough for me to justify a purchase.
  • Very excited about this title. I need to still finish the last  Wolfenstein game, before getting into this one. I think I'll have enough time to do so.

  • Any body else think the mech looks a lot like one of the robots from Bioshock?
  • nazis. to the rescue of the video game industry during the shortage of new ideas.

  • looks awesome

  • Doesn't look unique,but definitely playable.Hope this turns out to be awesome.

  • So is this a sequel to another wolfenstein game or what?
  • "B.J. Blazkowicz". now THAT'S a name i can shoot sh!t with.
  • the one picture of robo hound reminds me of an Alien from the Alien franchise.  This game looks amazing so far!

  • this game looks interesting. i just picked up the original, as i was intrigued.

  • This better be good. I was disappointed with the sound of the last remake.

  • But to be fair if the Nazi's had won the war the cover Hendrix did of Bob Dylan's song All Along the Watchtower, the one used in the trailer, would have probably never been written..... just saying.

  • I still want my Doom 4 dam it !!!
  • Those are some gorgeous screens. I've always enjoyed the Wolfenstein series.

  • First thought; Colonel Klink "I know NOTHINK!"

    anyway, looks good, i would just like to see some game testing or game play to see it in action. :)

  • Probably the most I've ever creamed my pants.

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