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  • Blog Post: The Strain Spreads New Game Zone, Modes And Gear Next Month

    WildStar is about to get a little more wild with a new batch of content. Today, Carbine Studios announced its MMO's first update, Strain Ultra Drop, will inject Nexus with new areas, items, and solo missions. The Strain introduces a new zone called Blighthaven and a remixed version of Northern Wilds... More
  • Blog Post: WildStar Dev Outlines PvP

    The latest DevSpeak video from WildStar developer Carbine Studios outlines the MMO's PvP component. The video covers the game's fast-paced PvP, aiming, and Arena types: open (available at level 30) and rated (at level 50). Similarly, the game's open and rated Battlegrounds are accessible... More
  • Blog Post: Wildstar Adventure MMO Launching In June

    Wildstar, the upcoming MMO from developer Carbine, officially launches in June. The game launches on June 3, but pre-ordering the game allows you to start playing on May 31. You'll also get Rocket House (seen in the gallery below), a mini-ship housing decoration with bonus experience, a 10-slot storage... More
  • Blog Post: Ten Levels In With The Beta

    In any list of MMOs worth getting excited about in 2014, Wildstar is likely to make the cut. Carbine Studios and NC Soft have crafted an intriguing mix of cartoony visuals, deep questing, and action-oriented combat that should appeal to a broad selection of players looking for a new sci-fi MMO world... More
  • Blog Post: Learn All About Carbine Studio's Various Classes

    This trailer describing all the different classes found in the upcoming WildStar MMO reminds me a little bit of what a Ratchet and Clack MMO might look and sound like. But don't take my word for it! An intersteller scoundrel and marauder named Ish'mael gives us a rundown of the bloodthirsty psychopaths... More
  • Blog Post: Novel Approaches To Crowd Control And Attack Cues

    Carbine Studios was founded by 17 former Blizzard employees that worked on World of Warcraft. The team has grown over the years as it’s been working on a new, colorful, action-oriented MMO. Wildstar focuses on sanding down MMOs’ rough edges by removing the tedium and guesswork from combat... More
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