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The Strain Spreads New Game Zone, Modes And Gear Next Month

WildStar is about to get a little more wild with a new batch of content. Today, Carbine Studios announced its MMO's first update, Strain Ultra Drop, will inject Nexus with new areas, items, and solo missions.

The Strain introduces a new zone called Blighthaven and a remixed version of Northern Wilds, now called Northern Wastes. In addition to new exploring areas, players can also earn Strain-themed mounts and gear, as well as try out new game types like the Guardians of the Grove tower defense group event. Carbine says it will be pushing out new content like this on a monthly basis.

The Strain releases the first week of July, but we have some screens to hold you over until then. For more on the core game, check out our first impressions and watch our Test Chamber.

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  • No interest until they fix the current content (haha at a whole server disappearing the other night), net code, and class bugs and glitches that have persisted and been known since several Beta builds ago.
  • Been playing pretty much since launch and have had no real issues, which seems to be an exceptional case for an MMO launch. The only real problem I have is that the game is more graphically intensive than you'd think, so if your PC isn't up to snuff you could run into some serious performance issues. Otherwise great game overall.
  • Great now I just got to hit lvl 50.

  • Why can't GameInformer fix the G+ sharing button? Frick.

  • I love this game so much! Can't wait!