Wild West Online is an ambitious systems-driven, open-world MMO from a team of industry veterans at 612 Games, and today it got its first gameplay trailer.

In the trailer, Stephan Bugaj, the game's executive producer, shows off some of the town activities you can take part in and then goes on a bounty hunt with a fellow player. He also talks about the Reputation system in the game that determines how NPCs react to you. It's up to you to choose whether to be an outlaw, a deputy, or something in between.

While the footage does look a little rough in its early state, the ideas here are intriguing. The full game is going to let you explore a beautiful open world, gather resources, get in gunfights with other players, and take on PvE missions. You can even become a farmer or prospector if that's how you'd like to play.

612 Games says that it is currently planning to release the game before the end of the year, and hold a public alpha in the summer.

To read more about Wild West Online, you can check out its official website.