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Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Club Tennis And Bowling Available Now

The HD re-release of the best-selling video game of all time, Wii Sports, is partially available now on Wii U.

You can download HD, Wii Motion Plus and online enhanced versions of Tennis and Bowling for $9.99 each, or you can purchase a 24-hour pass to each sport for $1.99 each. For the time being, this is how the games will be delivered. In a recent financial briefing Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said, "I do not deny the possibility that Wii Sports Club may become packaged software in the future. However, for the future of Wii U, we have prioritized releasing tennis and bowling by the end of this year." Boxing, baseball, and golf will be coming at some point in the future.

You can check out the launch trailer for the game below, which is set to the tune of a Muzak rendition of Blink 182's "What's my age again?" for some reason.

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  • ...for the 12 people who don't already own Wii Sports. I still think these are extremely overpriced. I have a feeling that people will still buy this regardless.
  • I think $5 is a much more reasonable price per sport
  • I love Wii Sports. Cant wait for the other games and Wii Sports Resort to arrive.

  • i thought GTA5 is the best selling game?????
  • Mod

    My excitement levels are over 9.000!!!

  • I already downloaded Wii Sports Club but I still need to try it (I need to buy batteries for my Wii remotes.). I'm excited to try out these sports with things like online multiplayer, but i'm probably not going to buy them since $10 per sport is just too much. I'm definitely buying boxing after it releases but probably not anything else.

  • You forgot to mention the free 24 hour trial you get when you download this.

  • Do people still play this?
  • "You can check out the launch trailer for the game below, which is set to the tune of a Muzak rendition of Blink 182's 'What's my age again?' for some reason." lol.

    The reason is because Nintendo. That's why. I'm sure it makes some sort of sense in that it's an overt comment on how they view themselves as someone who provides "all ages" entertainment. Hence, the octogenarians versus the little kids. I really hope Nintendo doesn't expect that audience of oldsters to return to them just for this, or suddenly know how to download games... or what a "Wii U" even is, for that matter. Side-note; I'm REALLY shocked that Microsoft and Rare have yet to make a "Kinect" Bowling too.

    And muzak... well, that's the official musical genre for everything "Mii" related, right? That plays on all the Channel menus, the Wiiware shop music, the Mii Plazas, etc. If you're not going to try with your character models or 3D art, shouldn't try very hard with your musical choice either - makes sense to me. :D

    EDIT: That's not Muzak. That's, like, a Karaoke version of the song. That's too much quality for the Miis...
  • I only watched the trailer for the "...Muzak rendition of Blink 182's 'What's my age again?'..." and I was not disappointed. Thank you Kyle.