Wii Fit Plus is not a true game, it is a group of fitness routines with some fun added in. Nintendo has done a good job creating a "game" that gets up and moves you so that you don't become a blob on the couch. And it actually works.

My Wife and I use the Wii Fit Plus everyday. Amazingly enough we have lost weight, although my wife is 5'0 and under 100 lbs..the nice part about losing the weight is that it was more fun than going to a gym or some sort of workout class because it was done in my own home at my own pace, in a fun game format.

The Wii Fit Plus has a lot of personalization to it so that you can taylor it to your needs, which is a nice feature because I need to lose weight and i want the workout routines that make me burn calories. So the Wii Fit Plus helps me to generate a routine that maximizes my calorie burning so that i don't waste my time and energy on less goal fulfilling routines like strength training, which don't burn as many calories.

This is a fun "game" and does exactly what it sets out to do. Get you off your a$$ and start moving.