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  • Blog Post: Charming with detailed environments and a fair amount of imagination in the world but closer to being a satisfactory experience rather than a great JRPG experience.

    I found this game to be charming and fun with an interesting and well presented story and has great gameplay ideas but it certain things stop it from being a truly memorable title. The story starts off with the Kingdom of Balandor are celebrating something and you'll see a fancy parade with huge... More
  • Blog Post: The White Knight Falls Very Short

    In my opinion, there's nothing worse than mediocre games. A good game you can love and happily put hours of time into, and a bad game you can hate and just not play, but a mediocre game makes you want to keep playing with the hopes that it may turn into something good or exciting, but it doesn't... More
  • Blog Post: The White Knight Falls off the Horse

    This review will be over the not so well known game White Knight Chronicles since Gamefly sent me this game instead of Transformers: War for Cybertron...because it makes them feel powerful and in control of my life, deciding what and when I play. Sorry, this isn't the time to rant and rave...wait... More
  • Blog Post: .

    i've only two words to explain this game... ACTION CHIPS! More
  • Blog Post: a select title

    i quite enjoyed WKC. with some minor twists in the story (mostly generic, however) it did keep me engaged. the HUD is only cluttered because of what we're used too. dead space? no HUD. but compared to WOW. i think this games HUD is a lot easier to manage. but it does provide some decent length. the... More
  • Blog Post: Feels same old yet different

    White Knight is a RPG, JRPG actually. RPG are easily my fave genre and I feel I go to easy on them at times. However starting from last year till now I've been honest with RPGS and this one is far from "horrible" but it's not another demon's souls. Once You make your character you'll... More
  • Blog Post: JRPG fans will like this, without a doubt.

    I was really taken by surprise to read the relatively negative reviews across the net sources for this game. True, it doesn't change the face of RPG's, nor does it blaze any new ground, but what it does it does well, really well. Like exploration? Got it Like Loot? Got it. Like an easy to pick... More
  • Blog Post: This is NOT a review!

    This is just a message to fellow readers. Please STOP reviewing games before you get them. In a way, you are not giving the game's actual score, you are showing us how much you like or dislike the game based on mere appearances. Do yourselves a favor and actually PLAY the game before you write a... More
  • Blog Post: A few thoughts on the review

    Since there's no way to comment on this page without reviewing, I guess I'll just have to do a fake review and add a few thoughts I had about the review itself. No, I haven't played it yet, but the reviewer did not even talk about building your own town and recruiting NPC's, a feature... More
  • Blog Post: looks like its worth the time

    this game looks like it can renounce what we call an rpg cant wait to get my hands on it and rock its world More
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