I was really taken by surprise to read the relatively negative reviews across the net sources for this game. True, it doesn't change the face of RPG's, nor does it blaze any new ground, but what it does it does well, really well.

Like exploration? Got it

Like Loot? Got it.

Like an easy to pick up battle system? Got it.

Like playing online ala FFXI without all the headache? Got it.


True, the story, narrative and voice acting is all so familiar, and the fact that your avatar plays second fiddle to a toolbox is really vexing in it's design, (another sign that JP game making is stagnant), but actually once you get into the meat of the game these little annoyances matter very little to the JRPG fan in me.

If this game was not running next to some pretty big dogs and had been released say... during the slow summer period, I can't help but think that it would have fared better with the critics. Kudos to GI for once again being fair in their opinions though, and for what I think to be the highest score for White Knight out there.