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This is NOT a review!

This is just a message to fellow readers. Please STOP reviewing games before you get them. In a way, you are not giving the game's actual score, you are showing us how much you like or dislike the game based on mere appearances. Do yourselves a favor and actually PLAY the game before you write a review!

P.S. The phrase "I can't wait to play this!" just proves that you haven't played the game, and therefore, have no clus what you are writing about.

  • I wrote a fake review on White Knight Chronicles because I had issues with the review itself. If the site had a place to leave comments in a review without reviewing the game in question, then I would have left a comment there. Not my fault the site doesn't provide this feature. To be fair, I just gave the game the same score the reviewer did. I also clearly state that I hadn't played the game yet either, so there should be no question that my "review score" doesn't really mean anything.

  • And by the way, you just did the exact same thing I did by giving the game a 7.25 just to write your message...