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looks like its worth the time

this game looks like it can renounce what we call an rpg

cant wait to get my hands on it and rock its world

  • Did you just give a game a high score without even playing it. That seems like a great way to review things you idiot.

  • wow beat me to it, how can u give a review if u havent played it yet. also a 2 line review is NOT a review its a comment put it where it belongs FAIL

  • As the two above me said, this isnt a comment section it is a review section. You can hardly review a game without having played it. I hope this is a mistake of ignorance rather than a blatent misuse of the site for silly website points.

  • Level 5 has made some really good rpgs in the past, but you should have played it before you actaully reviewed it! I thought that this was a legit review for a minute. BAH!! Curse you peaceman14!