Chinatown Rundown
Monkey 1 After the Split Fire tutorial, it will be in the prayer room with the Buddha and incense.
Monkey 2 Around the slide tutorial, but before the drop tutorial, there is a fiery style point emblem past some pipes. The monkey is the emblem.
Monkey 3 After the fountain area, you will get the ledge over tutorial. After ledging over, the monkey is on the corner of the rooftop.
Monkey 4 After the car crash action scene on the alley street, check behind the wreckage for the monkey.
Monkey 5 Chinese brothel interior, second floor, corner room.


Vehicular Carnage


Boneyard Workout
Monkey 1 Locate B-29 (Google it if you don't know what one looks like) and head towards the American flag. From the flag, go towards the building (and over a buried yellow school bus). The monkey will be in the second story corner of the building. If you go through the SMG challenge, you may even pick it up.
Monkey 2 Behind the brown chopper near the Gatling Gun mount (where the pistol challenge ends or where Rubi starts off at the Boneyard).
Monkey 3 Locate the Bert Clark Gas station front and put its facade on Rubi's left. With that direction set, go forward and right to corner of the map. The monkey is on ground level.
Monkey 4 Inside the "airplane" with the gatling gun (smoking cow skull door if you're in story mode; when doing it on Challenge mode, simply locate the gatling gun challenge).
Monkey 5 This one is at the very top level of the yellowish refinery building in the middle of the map. It has a water tower on its roof. Rubi will need to mantle several ledges around the building's side to get to the very top. It's times like these, you wish you also had Cole MacGrath's Static Flight.


You Dirty Rat
Monkey 1 Near the first gate which leads from the starting alley to the next one over. Head down the ladder and check the stairs using sound of the cymbals to find the monkey.
Monkey 2 At the merry-go-round area. From where Rubi starts, stay on ground level and hug the left wall. The monkey is in a small room cluttered with junk.
Monkey 3 In the same area with the merry-go-round, there's a monkey on a high niche around the circular area. Get it before leaving via ladder.
Monkey 4 End of first hallway past Rubi's first "WET RAGE" (red psyche-out) event.
Monkey 5 After battling the gatling gunners in the electric room, the game loads a new map. The monkey is behind Rubi, before she goes up the elevator shaft.


Everybody Runs
Monkey 1 On the bridge in the first enemy spawning area. Simply drop into the water and the game warps you near the bridge with the monkey.
Monkey 2 When the target flees into the tenement building (Rubi then goes in via fire-escape and window), head down the stairs (not up as the game directs you to). Monkey see, monkey get.
Monkey 3 The target will taunt Rubi and a machinegunner will attack on the next rooftop. Have Rubi go through a window then check the kitchen she lands in.
Monkey 4 In second area of the rooftop pursuit, get on top of initial roof area (past the first fixed camera portion) to find this monkey (you may have seen it while sliding down the long ladder at the start of this section).
Monkey 5 Same map as monkey #4, but a little later on. Rubi jumps to the final rooftop (after another cut-scene of the target). Don't got up the ladder after target when the opportunity arises. Instead, check the side room near the ladder's bottom for the monkey.


Falling for Kafka


Uninvited Guest
Monkey 1 At the minefield, make a regular jump to the island in over the minefield for the path to this monkey.
Monkey 2 At the top of the castle exterior, just past first door. Wall run up the shelf.
Monkey 3 In the wine cellar, look for two stationary wine caskets (it's past the first one you have Rubi blow up and avoid). The double casket room has a monkey in the rafters.
Monkey 4 After escaping the burning cellar, this monkey is on a balcony on the side of the mansion.
Monkey 5 In the art gallery arena, check the scaffolding on the second level. A monkey is on top of some building materials.


Breaking the Ice
Monkey 1 Past the gatling gun shooting gallery, hop up to the rafters and grab the monkey in the pit.
Monkey 2 After the exploding corridor, drop in the next hole down (don't go down the ladder just yet) and look behind boxes.
Monkey 3 At the icehouse enemy spawn area (you can hear it once you go into the icehouse). After the cut-scene (of Rubi preparing to deal with spawn closets), stay right and you'll find the monkey's ice room.
Monkey 4 At the Chinese junk's dock, go down the ladder. The monkey is under the first stairs on the water-level pier.
Monkey 5 Behind some breakable boxes on the pier (shortly after #4).


Old Opera House
Monkey 1 After going into the building, get up to the second level but don't fly off yet. There is a hole leading back down to a room you may have seen earlier with the monkey.
Monkey 2 After avoiding the fire on the dragon head, wall-run up the red column near the tequila bottle for this monkey.
Monkey 3 In red opera house area, fight past enemies at the bar. Shortly after you take a zipline down to the exit to the karaoke area. There'll be a tequila nearby (on the balcony you're on). check the balcony dead ends for this monkey.
Monkey 4 Past the karaoke band's stage, there are some backstage stairs with this monkey.
Monkey 5 Outside in alley (the one with the cut-scene featuring Zhi) go down the first ladder and check the alley's loading dock.


Shock Therapy
Monkey 1, 2, 3 In a corner of the torture room, ground level.
Monkey 4 Torture room corner opposite the three monkeys (near the monster closet).
Monkey 5 Torture room 2F near door with enemies on catwalk.



Road Rage


Head To Head
Monkey 1 On the starting pier, go towards the swing-bars to the right.
Monkey 2 Dockhouse 2F with a tequila bottle and two enemies. The monkey is behind some boxes on a balcony.
Monkey 3 At the gatling gun platform (after the shooting gallery), check pit to the emplacement's right.
Monkey 4 At burning docks, go through the door where the enemies are to find some tequila. The monkey is in plain sight down a short flight of stairs. This area is remarkably similar to an area of The Bourne Conspiracy (game).
Monkey 5 After the conveyor belt enemy-spawning area, go upstairs to 2F/3F. The monkey is on the landing of the big warehouse.