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Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Asks: Does Privacy Exist?

Watch Dogs deals with themes of privacy and organizational surveillance, and you can hear those topics and more discussed by the game's Ubisoft Montreal developers in this hour-long panel from the recent San Diego Comic-Con.

Content director Thomas Geffroyd and story designer Kevin Shortt talk with moderator/actress Aisha Tyler about a wide-range of topics involving the game, including real-world privacy issues, side missions, the team's approach to all the game's characters (including the NPCs), and the staging of its trailers so far.

For more on the SDCC playable demo of the game, including how the game is blending single- and multiplayer, check out Ben's hands-on impressions.

Watch Dogs hits the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U on November 19, and at the launches of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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  • I'm so psyched about this game. Just come out already!

  • I really enjoyed that viewing that panel! I'm pretty stoked for Watch Dogs. It'll be my first next-gen game.

  • Hmmm "does privacy exist?" With all the stuff going on I would say no.
  • I hope this is a launch day game. Though i find it funny that privacy is an issue when everyone i know puts out there information for everyone to see on facebook, twitter, etc.
  • i watched the panel yesterday and i gotta say aisha is hilarious as always. But it was very interesting to watch but is it me or people seem to think it just in the u.s. that stuff like that happens...i mean even if i live in canada i'm pretty sure my government do it to and i couldnt give more a *** about it.
  • Wondering if they'll make a quick alteration to the game and give a character the last name "Snowden"?

  • At first I thought the article said "does PIRACY exist?".

    I must not be fully awake yet...

  • Oh man is Aisha Tyler hot.

  • I want a job at Ubisoft Montreal, thought I'd share. I can't wait for Watchdogs, comes out one day after my birthday!
  • Got my collectors edition pre-ordered! Can't wait! The only thing I'm stuck on still is which new game to play first?!?! Way to many good games being released at once for the new console releases!

  • This will be my first pick for PS4. It's just a matter of saving enough money for the matter.
  • So very awesome

  • Great panel

  • Honestly, true privacy really doesn't, but oh well.

  • Watch Dogs is going to be a great game.

  • I don't think people really deserve privacy anymore. With Facebook, Twitter and all other forms of social networks, it seems that people are just becoming more and more comfortable with divulging who they are, what they do, how they live, etc. without giving any thought to the consequences that letting even the smallest details drop could have. We're willing to talk about ourselves, our families, our homes and more to people we've never met through a social network. We trade our security for conformity for no other reason other than that we can.
  • Privacy? Bahahahahaha!!!

  • Added to watch later

  • Honestly, I dont care. People are making a HUGE deal about our government doing this and that and guess what? I don't care, it's not affecting me, my life isnt dramatically changing in any way. I choose to not even look at those articles of people obsessing over privacy, yet they are now on nationwide news. Ignorance is bliss people, stop reading those articles made by conspiracy theorists, dont worry about things out of your control, and you will enjoy life alot more when you do.
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