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Someone's Always Watching

Chicago's all-seeing central operating system is a powerful surveillance tool, and vigilante Aiden Pearce makes it work on his behalf in this E3 trailer for the game.

Using just his smartphone Pearce tracks and takes down human traffickers, and also eludes the police, thanks to his hack of the city's powerful network infrastructure. 

For more on the game and protagonist Aiden Pearce, take a look at this previous preview speaking with the artist who brought him to life. We should also hear more about the game at Ubisoft's press conference later today at 5 central time.

Watch Dogs hits the Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, and Wii U on November 19, and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are also in the works.

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  • This finally got me excited for watch dogs, hoping to have real freedom and choices that actually affect how the game advances and ends

  • i want his phone

  • That. Was. Awesome.

  • Looks like a wonderful game full of promise.  That was a really informative trailer.  Looking forward to playing this on the PS4.

  • This looks amazing! Number 1 on my list to buy for the next generation.

  • Person of Interest - The Game.

    Looks awesome though.

  • Man, that was some impressive CG work. At first I thought it was live action and even once I realized it wasn't my brain couldn't process what I was seeing, I kept thinking well maybe they mixed CG and LA together...? Crazy. I wish the actual gameplay looked this good (not that it doesn't look great in its own way, but this was jawdropping).

  • This game is gunna kick @ss!

  • I can't tell the difference between live action and what isn't anymore lol

  • so getting this game!!!!!!!

  • He's gonna take them apart piece by piece.

  • so excited for this game,it keeps looking better and better

  • Mod

    I must play!!!

  • I've been watching this game for a while, and I am liking what I see. I hope this come out as good as it looks.

  • So, Watch Dogs is starting to sound like a more technology-based Batman, without the billions of dollars behind him.

    This intrigues me...

  • I wonder how big of a difference there is going to be between this generation and the next-gen versions of Watch Dogs? Regardless, it looks amazing.
  • Person of Interest: The Video Game.

  • This might become the new Assassin's Creed. I expect this to break the record of the fastest selling new IP.

  • By the whiskers of a beaver this looks amazing.