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Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Limited Edition Includes The Typical Collectible Extras

Ubisoft is planning a limited edition version of the upcoming Watch Dogs, and it includes all the extras we have come to expect from the standard collector's edition.

For $129.99, you will get the game, a 9" statue of Aiden, a replica of the mask he wears in the game, a special steel case for your copy of the game, the Watch Dogs soundtrack, and an art book. The Limited Edition will be available on release for all consoles, except the Wii U.

Watch Dogs is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U on November 19. Since the launch dates for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have not yet been determined, the release dates for the next-gen version of Watch Dogs have similarly not been revealed.

Ubisoft asks that if you do buy the Limited Edition to not use the mask as an excuse to become a vigilante.

For more on Watch Dogs, head here to learn six fun things to do in the city, and to read our extended preview.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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  • That's actually a good deal for a limited edition. I do want that mask...
  • Aw yeah!

  • I still don't think that it's a good idea to make an expensive special edition of a game that has no prior entries within its own franchise. It's still highly anticipated and looks like it's going to be really good  but you never know. I'll just be getting the regular PS4 version.

  • Perception is reality.
  • Ugh, Ubisoft how can you give me a vigilante mask and expect me not to wear it and go out and smack the first evildoer I see with a stick? That's just being irresponsible.
  • I really want this limited edition, but not sure if I should get the game for this gen or next gen.
  • Is it just me or does Ubisoft have something against the WiiU? First the AC4 limited edition, now this one. People that want these on the WiiU won't be able to get either limited edition. Sure, they are able to get the games but they won't be able to get all of these collectibles. I may not own a WiiU, but if I did and wanted either one of the limited editions, I would feel screwed over by this.

    Edit: Sorry if I went on a bit of a rant there.
  • Anyone else notice that the European Vigilante limited edition comes with the mask and the hat instead of a statue? And it also costs like $15 less? What good is the mask without the matching hat?
  • What about all the people who got the PS4 Watch Dogs bundle that want this? They should have announced this a month ago at E3 so people could actually preorder a PS4 and the limited edition separately. Too late now considering PS4's are sold out across the board.

  • Eh, I've got to pay for too many other games (including GTA V's special edition). I've only got $25 left to pay on my PS4! Anyway, if only they announced this earlier, like in January. I'd love to have that steel case.
  • Where is the DLC?

  • is there a lower-tiered Collector's edition where it's just the Steelbook Case, Artbook, Soundtrack CD and in-game DLCs? i really dont have space for something that big anymore...

  • I would not pay 130 bucks for some piece of plastic that most likely not painted well. Shoot the books not even worth it unless they have famous names or something signed in it.

    If anything. If there was a Cellphone that could hack the internet. Then, well....I'd shower money at it.

  • Give us in game content!  Who cares about a freaking figurine.  Lame.

  • Why are all these collectors editions going for over $100? I simply won't even consider them at that price.
  • "Ubisoft asks that if you do buy the Limited Edition to not use the mask as an excuse to become a vigilante." - Too late.

  • I've never understood why anyone would pay twice the price for the same game and a bunch of useless crap. But that's just me. It just seems like this isn't really "collectors" edition stuff. It will never be worth anything. It's just a bunch of crap worth about 5 dollars that they charge 60 for. Weird anyone is like "Ooooh must have!" Especially for game 1 in a franchise...
  • Looks pretty cool and I like the mask, but I've already got the GTAV CE pre-ordered so I'm probably gonna have to skip out on this one.

  • Depends on Ubisoft, they keep making their games more and more inappropriate

  • Not even considering buying anything over a hundred dollars anymore. Hopefully Arkham Origins CE comes over to US at $100.

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