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  • Blog Post: Watchdogs, Too Much Hype?

    I honestly expected a lot more from watchdogs when I purchased it. Ubisoft made too much of a ruckus about this disappointment. This game is fun in the beginning, but it gets really old, fast. All you seem to do in the game is sneak, hack, and nothing else. After Act 1 I found myself just wanting to... More
  • Blog Post: Who Wants to Watch the Watch Dogs Anyway?

    Anyone remember the last really good, mind-blowing E3? It was 2012 for me. I don’t even remember the presentations from 2013 except maybe something Metal Gear related and last year was a snoozefest. I still remember how we were all (we, I mean gamers) in awe of the trailer from Ubisoft for Watchdogs... More
  • Blog Post: Worth the wait?

    After a long delay Watch Dogs for the Wii U has finally been released. How does it fair to the other versions? That's a tough question. Graphically, it's between the past gen and new gen. The textures are clearly from the past gen, but the weather effects are closer to new gen. When it rains... More
  • Blog Post: Big Brother, Meet Average.

    Watch Dogs had some big expectations surrounding it leading up to launch. With a fantastic first showing a couple years back, building hype with such a unique and original concept. No pressure. Now that the game is released to the public, does it withstand all the hype? The story follows a man by the... More
  • Blog Post: Current gen on last gen: Watch dogs

    So after my titanfall review, I've decided to do reviews on every game I get that is on the 8th console generation(PS4 and Xbox one) on the last console generation. So up today is watch dogs. We all remember E3 2012. Everyone in the gaming industry was excited and intrigued when watch dogs made its... More
  • Blog Post: It's okay

    Good game, worth playing for sure but to me more annoying then fun at time and I really hated the hacking, driving and some of the controls. I felt obligated to beat this game and I hate feeling that way about a game. I usually keep my games but I knew right away that this game wasn't a keeper and... More
  • Blog Post: Watch_Dogs - 5 Point Review

    The 5 Point Review I'm going to be trying something a bit different. Similar to the end of Kotaku's reviews, they have a little bar of score and if you should/shouldn't play the game, I wanted to streamline the review process instead of going so into depth that it takes me a massive amount... More
  • Blog Post: A Fun Concept with a Flawed Delivery

    Watch Dogs was the showstopper at E3, giving gamers a whole new definition of "the world is yours." Fast forward to today, and you get a serious drop in quality. The story is rushed and uninteresting, the characters are generic and boring, and some moments in the game are just plain weird.... More
  • Blog Post: Sit, stay, roll over, Hack. Good boy.

    There is no problem with aiming high, but when your reach exceeds your grasp people tend to end up disappointed with the results. Such is the main gripe with Watch_Dogs. Ubisoft promised a genre-defining juggernaut and instead have delivered something lesser, whilst by no means a bad game, Watch_Dogs... More
  • Blog Post: WD"s review

    I was able to play Watch dogs on the Xbox One. The best way to describe this game is a cross between Grand theft auto and Assassin's Creed. Sure your not scaling skyscrapers or flying a helicopter away from a huge bank heist, but it still has it's moments. The whole games seems to click at two... More
  • Blog Post: Aggressively mediocre and rather soulless

    I wanted to like this game, I really did. But I just can't do it. Absolutely nothing about the game goes beyond mediocrity, but some things really bring it down. My main gripe: Hacking. What about that tagline, "hacking is your weapon"? What the hell happened to that? Despite the pre-release... More
  • Blog Post: A new franchise. A great first step. A bright future.

    I'd like the preface first and foremost that my review is based on the PC version of Watch Dogs. Unlike it's new-gen console variants, the visuals are entirely on par with the early videos of the game. This is not surprising considering the first demo of Watch Dogs was running on a high-end gaming... More
  • Blog Post: Thus Far it's Great

    Played so little of this game, but loving how I get easily distracted from the main story due to having side-task/side-quest to worry about. I like, that Adan Pierce has suffered ad makes the character more enjoyable, but it sucks that he can be predictable at times as a calm, loner-like person. He seems... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Dogs Review

    Though not perfect at all, Watch Dogs offers something I haven't felt in recent open world games, an environment in which I can loose myself in. The last time I had this feeling was playing Red Dead Redemption. I basically tracked off the main missions so often because of Watch Dogs immersive world... More
  • Blog Post: dont waste your money

    Only played 8 hours, so far. I honestly don't know if I'll be playing anymore of it. My advice, wait for the bargain bin. The visuals on display two years ago at E3 turned out to be an outright lie. There is nothing new gen about this game. The gameplay tries to be GTA, but can't "hack"... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Dogs

    This looks like an amazing game based on the fact that is has a really neat and original game story that is unlike many of the games we see today. This game focuses on using the social network, if you watch the trailer you will see what i mean ( ). This game... More
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