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  • Blog Post: Watch_Dogs - 5 Point Review

    The 5 Point Review I'm going to be trying something a bit different. Similar to the end of Kotaku's reviews, they have a little bar of score and if you should/shouldn't play the game, I wanted to streamline the review process instead of going so into depth that it takes me a massive amount... More
  • Blog Post: Sit, stay, roll over, Hack. Good boy.

    There is no problem with aiming high, but when your reach exceeds your grasp people tend to end up disappointed with the results. Such is the main gripe with Watch_Dogs. Ubisoft promised a genre-defining juggernaut and instead have delivered something lesser, whilst by no means a bad game, Watch_Dogs... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Dogs

    This looks like an amazing game based on the fact that is has a really neat and original game story that is unlike many of the games we see today. This game focuses on using the social network, if you watch the trailer you will see what i mean ( ). This game... More
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