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Watch Dogs

Ten Minute Video Pulls Back The Curtain

We’ve had a long wait for Watch Dogs. Originally thought to be a launch window game for the new-gen consoles, Watch Dogs has pushed back its release to May 27th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Perhaps with an eye towards one last big push of excitement, Ubisoft has released this new Watch Dogs 101 video, which offers a detailed look at many of the game’s story elements, gameplay features, and characters.

Take a look at the nearly 10-minute long video, and share your thoughts below. Is Watch Dogs on your watch list?

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  • Two weeks from today, people.

    Get ready.

  • For some reason the graphics look less good to me in this trailer than in older gameplay trailers I have seen.
  • So is this shots from the PS4, The 1, PC? Gonna wait for the review and see how this game does. One way or the other, this game isn't on my rader till I get me a next gen console and thats a while off.

  • Everyone do yourself a favour and copy pasta this link to watch it on youtube. www.youtube.com/watch

  • Staff
    Wow, wasn't expecting the giant spider robot.
  • just stay away from the right side of state street.

  • And that actually just restored any hype I had for this game.

  • I'm really glad I have this paid off.

  • This doesn't look next gen.
  • ...is it wrong I could care less about the story for once and just want to try out the digital trips and multiplayer?

  • Well that looks fantastic! A giant spider tank? How could anyone not think that is awesome. May 27th can't come fast enough.

  • This will be the first game that I have ever paid full price for on Steam. Very excited.

  • Pre-ordered on Steam. I hope this game does well and lives up to all the hype.

  • Haha have the 27th and 28th off in preparation for the marathon session I will give this game.

  • Watched a few minutes then stopped, I don't want so much information heading into this game!!!

  • I suggest watching this on youtube...GI has the worst media player
  • This and the new tv spots they started playing have restored my hype for this game. The delay took a lot of my excitement away, now it has returned.

  • Media player was super glitchy for me. But I am still super excited for this game. It's gotta get me through to Destiny!
  • I'm waiting for review now. Ubisoft said they delayed the game because it's "repetitive". If the makers of Assassin's Creed say a game is repetitive then that game has SERIOUS issues. You can't make fundamental changes to a game in a year, so there is no way they have fixed the issues.
  • I'm sorry, but the fact that "hacking a steam pipe" is a feature that developers seem to keep showing off really just makes this look so immensely stupid. Hack a steam pipe? lol...I cant help it, but that alone drives me nuts

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