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Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Season Pass Trailer Reveals New Playable Character And Campaign

Watch Dogs' planned DLC will offer a hefty update to the game by adding a new playable character with their own campaign, and a number of other additions.

The season pass will be $19.99 and offer players a new single-player campaign, and the chance to play as T-Bone, who is a, "brilliant but eccentric hacker," with a southern accent and dreadlocks, and he likes to blow things up, because he's not a hippie.

The season pass also unlcocks new missions and outfits for Aiden, an exclusive untouchables pack which dresses Aiden up like a classic gangster, and the digital trip mode. Digital trip mode appears to give Aiden something similar to Google Glass that changes the way everything looks and puts Aiden on the hunt for cyborgs. Purchasing the season pass also gives owners the chance to start playing the DLC a week before everyone else.

For more on Watch Dogs, check out our extended hands-on preview here, as well as a breakdown of the recent multiplayer trailer. Watch Dogs is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 27 and to Wii U sometime later this year.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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  • That's a lot of content. I may have to get this pass after all.
  • I'll pass on this, doesn't sound intriguing at all to me. I'll have fun enjoying the main game.

  • DOes not say if it is coming to Wii U. Hopefully it does.

  • Love the reference mode to the classic THEY LIVE movie with rowdy piper. Hope they toss the line in "I'm hear to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I'm all out of gum." wonder if there will be a 15 min fight scene to get the glasses on you too. lol
  • As someone that doesn't really care about the multiplayer, it is nice to see so much single player content in this season pass. The robot-zombie-things look interesting.

  • I understand most developers are broke after making games like this but why not put this in the game? I don't care how overdone that question is I'm gonna keep asking it.
  • Whoa... alotta content!

  • Idk hearing the words "Season pass" still makes me sick to my stomach. What have we become....
  • The cyborg hunting thing screams Blood Dragon. I'm glad Ubisoft is embracing the sillier side of things while still having a very serious game.

  • I never really care for additional costumes in Season Passes and I never understand why they are added...but I guess its always nice to have options. I wonder if Aiden has unlockable costumes in the game as well as all the DLC outfits. And this does seem like a nice bit of DLC, the Digital Trip mode especially has me interested. I wonder if it actually makes the game become zombie-like or just makes the citizens look the part. Was kind of half and half based on the trailer.
  • If only T-Bone was actually a new character.
  • Season pass is a deal breaker, if they cannot have this in the game already I am not paying extra for it.
  • Nothing makes me want to part with my money like costumes that's sole purpose for not being in the game in the first place is to fill out the asking price for the season pass.

  • seriously? the game still isnt out for another month, and we already have this kind of info AND a trailer for DLC??
  • I'm still feeling burned after the Assassin's Creed III season pass and more recently the Batman: Arkham Origins season pass but I'll admit this does look pretty cool. The T-Bone campaign and additional costumes are kinda meh but the Digital Trip mode actually looks pretty interesting; I'm guessing it starts out with the player tracking down and exposing the cyborgs and then turns into a Horde-esque survivial mode once the cyborgs find out they've been exposed.

  • People still support season passes?

  • Be mad at me if you want but no one is forcing you to buy the season pass, if you don't want it, don't get it, honestly it's as simple as that. But that shouldn't keep you from buying Watch Dogs it's going to be an amazing game that will provide hundreds of hours of content and will be a game we can all enjoy for months to come. The season pass just adds a little more content to extend the game and give more options to people. I will personally be getting the season pass because I like what it has to offer. But once again if you don't want it no one is forcing you to buy it, you can just get Watch Dogs and enjoy the game without the extra content.
  • I really like the planned DLC, at least it´s not just multiplayer maps like most games...

  • Yeah, I'll likely be buying the pass.

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