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Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs' PlayStation Exclusive Content Trailer

Ubisoft has released a new Watch Dogs trailer showcasing the game's exclusive content for PlayStation 3 and PS 4 users.

PlayStation versions get the white hacker outfit, a hacking boost, and 60 minutes of additional gameplay spread over four new missions.

The game's exclusive content deal reportedly lasts for six months.

Watch Dogs comes out for the two systems on May 27.

For more on the game, take a look at Kim's recent hands-on impressions.

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  • Awesome... Glad I reserved the PS4 version.
  • So then it's "timed exclusive" not "exclusive"?
  • Ubisoft be having contract with Sony.
  • I am still on the fence about this game...however, it's nice to see some exclusive content (even if it is only for 6 months) for both Playstation versions (PS3/PS4). I might get this game, depending on the reviews and word of mouth from my friends.

  • Looks great! I'm super excited for my PS4 friends. Here's to hoping this game turns out as good as we have hoped. I have faith that they put the extra time to good use. On an unrelated note...Has The Division been canceled? I went to gamestop to pick up some Disney Infinit characters for the kid and they asked me if I wanted to reserve anything. I said The Division and they said it had been canceled. I hope to goodness this isn't true...especially since we just saw a demo of the snowdrop engine a few days ago.
  • UBI actually later reported to Eurogamer that the timed exclusivity was a mistake and that the DLC is fully exclusive to PS platforms.
  • It only last six months? I didn;t know that. If the mission's are any good I'll pick it up for X1 later. EDIT: And how cool was that ath the end when he's just walking down the street and all the lights flicker back to life? I'm gonna love being a griefer with the blackout power haha.
  • Jw has 'exclusive' content for a Multiplat game ever been even close to decent or worth mentioning? Not that I know of. always found it pretty dumb either console tried to do this.
  • Can someone please explain what they mean by 60 minutes of additional gameplay? It's confusing me so much.
  • I'm glad I am getting it on PS4.

  • Every time I see something like this I'm so beyond glad Playstation (1-4) is my choice of console.
  • Awe yeah gotta quickly reserve this, PS4 has the goods this next-gen!!!!!!!
  • That was PS3 footage?

  • Looks really nice, just wish they would make more new outfits, maybe make a jacket with a hood instead of a hat, since it´s ubisoft they could make like na assassins creed easter egg XD

  • I don't care is Sony gets the 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay, it will be a good game on either platform. I don't think the exclusive content will have an effect on how fun the game will be.
  • The PlayStation version is going to be great, but I have my preorder set for Wii U. I mean even on the Xbox One that 720p is going to look good
  • multiplayer throughout campaign, or is that a separate game type altogether?
  • This looks epic but I'm terrified it's going to not meet expectations.
  • Fantastic

  • 60 minutes in non developer eyes is what? 25 minutes? or replaying Ground Zeroes 5 times.

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