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Watch Dogs Developer Diary Outlines The PlayStation 4's "Magnified Experience"

The first developer diary for Ubisoft's Watch Dogs is light on details and new information, but it does talk vaguely about PlayStation 4 plans, and briefly teases some kind of mobile interaction.

In the video below, senior producer Dominic Guay and creative director Jonathan Morin refer to the PlayStation 4 version of the game as a "magnified experience" and how excited they are for players to be able to share video clips of their gameplay experiences online. Guay and Morin also talk about playing the game anywhere, including when players are away from their home consoles. They don't outline how it works, but it appears that Watch Dogs will have some kind of interactive mobile experience that will affect your home game.

Pending any delays, Watch Dogs should be releasing this November for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U, with the PlayStation 4 version planned for some time before the end of 2013.

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  • I love watching this game. Gorgeous graphics and what appears to be some pretty kickass gameplay. The last element is story. Really excited for this title!

  • If anything, I just love open-worlds, and Watch Dogs looks like an amazing one. I have every hope that it can roll all of Assassin's Creed best features and put it into something fresh.

  • Jonathan Morin's mouth really bothers me.

  • Are these guys trying to make a game or a social media network?

    Personally I'd prefer more time to be spent on the development of missions/story/abilities rather than the option to play with some arsehole who is playing the game on the bus.  

    This game is looking good but I can't help but think some of the devs are missing the point.

  • can't wait till this come out. so i can experience all the cool gameplay.

  • im debating if i should get the PS4 or a gaming PC

  • Watch Dogs Has the potential to become defining game of the next Gen. Just like how Call of Duty did for the Multiplayer aspect of online gaming.  The question is how will it affect the development costs of making the future releases just as engrossing.

  • Looks great, but I don't know if it will be able to compete against GTA.  I'm not a huge sandbox game person but Watchdogs looks pretty awesome.

  • I'm not buying it; Magnified experience? don't sugarcoat it, thisgen systems are going to get the shaft.