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Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Developer Diary Outlines The PlayStation 4's "Magnified Experience"

The first developer diary for Ubisoft's Watch Dogs is light on details and new information, but it does talk vaguely about PlayStation 4 plans, and briefly teases some kind of mobile interaction.

In the video below, senior producer Dominic Guay and creative director Jonathan Morin refer to the PlayStation 4 version of the game as a "magnified experience" and how excited they are for players to be able to share video clips of their gameplay experiences online. Guay and Morin also talk about playing the game anywhere, including when players are away from their home consoles. They don't outline how it works, but it appears that Watch Dogs will have some kind of interactive mobile experience that will affect your home game.

Pending any delays, Watch Dogs should be releasing this November for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U, with the PlayStation 4 version planned for some time before the end of 2013.

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  • Mod
    A lot of Game of the Year talk with Bioshock, Tombraider, The Last of Us, and GTA V.
    Could Watchdogs be the dark horse, though?
  • I'm glad this game is going to be cross gen. It looks too good not to be on the 360 and PS3. This is looking like its going to be the first game I get on the PS4.
  • Definitely getting on ps4. Since Xbox infinity will have always online and watermarked games I'll be passing on it. Not to mention it's pretty much confirmed Ira only using GDDR3 and 4Gb of ram and ps4 is using confirmed GDDR5 and 8GB of Ram
  • I'm pretty stoked for this and Infamous Second Son. BECAUSE DO AWAY WITH SOCIETY, STICK IT TO THE MAN MAAAAAN
  • This is gonna have so much npc and core character information, it's not even funny.
  • I'm getting this game for Wii U!
  • Developing for ps4 will be the same as a game developed only for a really good gaming pc they have similar hardware capabilities so I don´t expect much of a difference between ps4 and pc still it´s nice for those who think consoles are cheaper and just want to pop in a disc and play I will get a ps4 when it´s cheaper for the exclusives.
  • I got the feeling that this video was more about the Playstation 4 and less about Watch Dogs. Either way this game looks really cool and I'm glad it's coming to 360 too

  • I'm excited!

  • This will be a good release for the next gen
  • Ok then.

  • This and GTA V will be taking up most of my time in the future.
  • Well of course it's going to look nicer on PS4 than the last generation consoles. It will still be best on PC though just because of mods and PC hardware always drives forward. Good marketing for PS4 anyways for those that are interested in it.

  • I'm definitely going to fight the urge to buy this game day one and wait to get it on ps4
  • Mod
    (Article headline mentions PS4 - kids automatically one star it) - (Article mentions anything regarding 360 - kids automatically one star it) - Anyways, really excited about playing this on my PS4 eventually. I'd say right now, I'm looking forward to The Evil Within, GTAV, Watch Dogs, The Wonderful 101, and The Last Guardian,(A man can dream) :(
  • Can't wait to get a PS4 and watch dogs.

  • Want this on PC.
  • Its halfway through the year and i cant wrap my head around the fact its 2013. I keep thinking of all the games that were delayed to 2013 and that it still seems like forever when someone says "planned for some time before the end of 2013".

  • Ubisoft is definitely doing a lot of cool new things with Watch Dogs, and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag looks pretty good as well, but I'm really hoping that we get some information on Rainbow Six: Patriots soon. I mean, it was announced about a year and a half ago, and they don't even talk about it.

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