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Watch Dogs' Eyes In The Sky

Chicago's surveillance system is watching Aiden Pearce in this detailed new trailer for Ubisoft's Watch Dogs.

The city's Central Operating System, a vast network of camera and other electronic surveillance keeps the city running, but also leaves its citizens and infrastructure exposed to hackers like Aiden Pearce.

Take a look how Pearce uses the system against itself in this video dossier.

Here's the game's recent showing at the PlayStation 4 unveil. The content is similar, but from a different perspective.

Watch Dogs comes out this holiday for the PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It will likely also be announced for the new Xbox when that's revealed.

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  • Mod

    The way this trailer is set up makes me wonder if the game is gonna have something like Hitman: Blood Money's newspaper system, where they give you a play-by-play of your actions in each mission through in-game security footage. That'd be a pretty neat touch.

    Also, I just noticed the part where he very swiftly jerks his head to dodge an incoming bullet. I wonder if that's going to be a native ability or if it's just for the sake of the trailer.

    This trailer is fantastic, just like all of the other press for this game. Still my most-anticipated game at present.

  • so this is basically the person of interest video game

  • Oh god that cover art. Make it stop.

  • Keeps looking interesting

  • Cant wait for this game!

  • Gonna be all over this one.

  • This game will define next gen. At launch anyway.

  • need

  • I can't wait to play this, it looks awesome.

  • Ever since I first saw it, Watch_Dogs has been looking like Ubisoft's best game in a long while. It really seems like the best of Assassin's Creed in the modern day without Desmond and with a more realistic storyline. Hope it's the A-game that they seem to promise it is.

  • Really looking forward to this game! Glad its coming to PS3 and not just next gen consoles.

  • I still enjoy how this game looks. Just amazing.

  • Love this game!

  • This game is my PS4 must buy.

  • Looking like my first PS4 game right here!

  • This game is looking so awesome. Can't wait to play it this Autumn.